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KJ Interview Questions
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How would you move Mt. Everest?

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The salary of the Vice-President of India is (a) Rs. 40,000 (b) Rs. 25,000 (c) Rs. 20,000 (d) Rs. 15,000

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i will write the TTA(BSNL) exam on 11-jan-2009.In that tta exam one section is given regarding general ability,,please send the information related GENERAL ABILITY questions and also please send tha TTA previous papers.

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What is difference between Stracture of DBMS & Architecture of DBMS

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what is difference between esd grounding and electerical grounding.standared resistance value between esd grounding and electrical grounding (Plz. give reason also that why we keep this value.

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i have applied for rrb chennai. So i need rrb all previous years solved papers. Pl send it to

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what is the definition of national political parties?

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50 electric bulbs are connected across supply of 220 volts. After one bulb is fused remaining 49 bulbs are again connected to same supply. which case will have more illumination & WHY????????

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