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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How can we select a capacitor Bank.? i need a standard formula for that.?

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what is the purpose of supervision relay coil

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why and how voltage sharing in transformer, during magnetic balance test ?



why we setting 95 deg and 105 deg in wti and oti of distibution transformer ? give the reson for that ?


why did lightening arrester rod probe sharp?

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Why in India distribution transformer are connected in Dyn11 when we know capacity of v-v connection can be increased by adding only a single transformer?


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define transformer

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Abb 11kv how it is closing automatically when the cb is racking in and rack out when it reaching test position

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what should be the BDV value Of 11/132kv power transformer

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what is meant by flywheel and its role in retardation test


How can we calculate the Rating of DG Set for a 4 kw motor?

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what is a pf factor in generator.


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how to test and calculat the head and discharge in borewell compressor


in case dc we mark as + ve & -ve..but in case a.c. we mark as ph&N...Y LIKE PLZ TELL ME


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Which power will flow first if we switch on a motor? Active or Reactive? How?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

How much current will a 5 HP delta connected motor at no load will take?Is tat need a starter


please send me the L&T Emb. sys. placement papers and entire details of pattren


Define damping ratio.


what is differant beetween overload current and phase current?


How to calculate phase to phase difference ?


What is the selection process of breakers. Can any one please give a formulation on same?


what size steel armoured cable is required to support 1500kva capacity. would 70mm squared be enough or would I need 90 or 120mm squared 3c plus earth


How to define Kirchhoff current law and voltage law along with simply examples.


How Can I calculate for the photometrics requirements for a street lighting? Data given are: 45 units of 6 meter light pole with 150 watts metal halide lamp, 220 volts and installed in a promenade area.


What is slip in an induction motor?


Between educational qualification and practical work experience, give us a brief explanation on your practical experience in your past Endeavour that you performed well to the satisfaction of your past or present employer?


Please clarify 1. Icw: rated short circuit working withstand capacity 2. Icu: Rated ultimate breaking capacity 3. Ics: Rated service short circut withstand capacity 4. other specification of ACB


How to determine stage of Automatic Power factor controlling Relay(Apfcr)?


what is acceptance test in electrical engineering.


Draw a circuit diagram in which if button is open we can use socket and bulb as a series test circit and if button is close than simple we can use socket as any load purpose.