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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Conventionally, capacitors are considered to generate reactive power and inductors to consume it,how??????

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in our 6.6kv motor feeder[it is having two sources from Bus A&B] earth fault relay is acting, we checked CBCT connection and cable meggerd values found very good still earth fault acting during first two are three start after that it will hold. please clarify what was the reason. if same motor is starting from other Bus-A it will start.

Gasal, Voltech,

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we have 350 kva capcitor bank which is not showing KW. dose capacitor shows kW OR not.

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why do the core of transformer saturates???

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why do fans generally rotate in anti clock wise direction??


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what is the formula of starting current of 3phase and 1 phase motor???



application s to shunt coil




Transformers with dc supply

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How much load can give on 1600 kva transformer 11kv/440

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how to calculate the minimum permissible limts of insulation resistance of switchyard equipments


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how can get electrical c i am working in spining mill , transformer capacity 2750KVA. SANCTION DEMAND 2250KVA. PLEASE ADVISE ME . MY CONTACT NO 09944226823


How can get electrical c licence.Now i am working in spining Mill , transformer capacity 2750kva. Sanction demand 2250kva. Please advise me . My contact no 09944226823

Pace Power Systems, VRVS, VSJ Industry,

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I've descovered that when the earth wire in a domestic electrical installation is not connected back to the board (ground) a voltage of between 9-24v is is found to be present in the earth wire. When connected at the board there is no voltage - is this normal and why does it happen?

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In a Tap changing transformer where is the tap connected , is it connected in the primary side or it is connected in secondary side


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sir vizag steel ka junior trainee ka paper kitne number ka ayega


What will be the effect of circulating current in HT xlpe cable when both the armour ends are grounded. Will the termination fils after some time in case of 33 kv supply.


Could you measure voltage in series?


How can we calculate ac current from the given DC current when AC voltage is given?


100 MVA 3-phase alternator with earthed neutral has a reactance of 5 ohms per phase. what will be the fault MVA of generator.


1.what is the difference between ct and cvt? 2.what is the difference between pt and cvt? 3.what is the difference between relays and circuit breakers?


what is meant by directional earth fault and non directional earth fault? describe both.


Why water bubbles when D.C. Current is passed through it? Why not when A.C. Current is passed?


What are the advantages of vscf wind electrical system?


3phase motor can be used as a Prime mover for alternator.


How to calculate Grid rotor resistance(GRR) losses in slip ring induction motor?


Where can i get practical knowledge of solar system?


What if high voltage side circuit breaker of a ehv transformer instead of lvcb? Kindly elaborate.


I am B.E.electrical engineer having 7 years of experience in Transformer testing upto 315 MVA.I want to khow how I can get the 'Electrical Valuer' License.


can some one clearly explain why -48 volt DC use in telecom site????