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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what mean ohm

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how to calculate the Neutral transformer impedance?



What is the difference between earthing,ground&nutral?


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What happen to alternator if prime mover fails?

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0.5,1,1.5,2.5,,10,16 square mm electrical wires how much take maximum current in 50htz



what take 100 w take current


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How will change the frequency in distribution side?


In 3pin or 5pin socket why the earth pin is bigger

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How to check 11000/1.732 to 110/1.732 Potentila transformer (PT)?



Where voltage are high and current to be interrupted is low the breaker preferred is:


what is the function of short circuit maintenance ct and droop ct.


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it is difficult to interrupt a capacitive current because (a)it has a leading power factor (b)current magnitude is very small (c)the restriking voltage can be high (d)stored energy in the capacitor is high

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To prevent the mal operation of a differentially connected relay while energizing a transformer, the relay restraining coil is baised with (a)second harmonic current (b)fifth harmonic current (c)third harmonic current (d)seventh harmonic current

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A system having the charactristic eqation (s+1)(s+2)(s-3)=0 is (a)stable (b)unstable (c)marginally stable (d)critically stale

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in transmission line, if the load is suddenly increased at the receiving end of the system the phase shift will (a)decrease (b)becomems zero (c)increase (d)not be affected


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

what is the constructional difference between a power transformer and potentian transformer?


Convert a star connected network into a delta connected network.


what types of cable used in underground coal mining?


i applied for c licence with my one year apperents trainee and i have attaced with A grade contractor company experiance that is for 14 monts experiance this document is sufeicant for c licence? pls tell why they rejected


i karmveer bharti persuing . plz send me syllabus and name of reference books. for preparation of section eng.


What is the formula to calculate the size of Aluminium and copper cable?


why are u join ntpc


Can we use a absolute encoder to show rpm of a motor ? what about the condition when power is off ? what is difference if a incremental one is used ?


Which motor is 3.3 or 11kV more reliable, in terms of efficeancy,maintenance, reliability.


what is the meaning of 0.5ohm Resistance


Please clarify, 1. Is it required to lay two runs of GI wire along with Armoured LT cable if it is laid between one big mains (63Amps TPN SDF) to small main (32A TPN SDF) with proper glanding termination? 2. If the armoured cable with proper glanding is laid from DB to CNC machine, is it required to run two runs of body earthing to the Machine from DB? 3.If the armoured cable with proper glanding is laid from Substation to Hangar, distance is approx. 100 mtrs, is it required to do earthing at shop area though the primary termination at substation is earthed through gland.


what is the function of impulse relay


How equivalent impedance is calculated in thevenin theorem?


What is servo lock in CNC how they work and if any parameter for them in CNC machine


We have given to 3phase supply to ups system & how can coming netural