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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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1 KW = how many kva

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1 KW = how many HP

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1 HP = how many Kva

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1 HP = how many kw

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reason behind why the reverse power relay of incoming machine was not acted even when no load was shifted on incoming machine after synchronising the machines ?

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what is the speed of electricity?


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In single phase capacitor motor, if the motor rotate reverse direction then how much power will be consumed by the motor and why?


What is the exact minimum vale of voltage between an earth and netural which can damage or can do malfunction of the electronic equipments ? If this is mentioned in any book, pl.give reference.

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why actual valve timing diagram is different than ideal valve timing digram of a 4 stroke engine?


what is tower earthing and what for it is required


What is the function of Buchholz relay in transformer ?

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what is cause of static electricity? I experience shock when i touch metal equipment in a room ,furher check shows earth leakage showing 80ma at the DB near to the 400 MCCB?


I have 2 Nos of 2500kVA 33/0.415V cast resin transformers. How to decide on ampere rating of HT Panel? Also advise me how many panel RMG i have to consider whether 4 panel ok?

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why always electric field is linked with magnetic field???

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can we use breather in a SEALED power or distribution transfomer instead of injecting nitrogen.

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

How can calculate the rating of a servo stabilizer for given a specific load


We need to current density & short circuit calculation at 65kA for aluminium & copper busbar.


What is the most accurate way of testing ELCB?ELCB is better than RCD?


how to failure indution motor insulation & how to improve heat in motor insulation


how to determine the cable size...pls explain me with the formula taking particular load....does the factors like impedance & short circuit rating influence the cable size, if so how....


what is the cause of voltage dipp or swell in the transmission lines?


Why do we mostly prefer to generate and distribute electricity in 3 phase and not in 4 phase or 5 phase?


which book to refer in electrical engineering for iocl exam & which book for general english.


Can i replace Earth leakage relay to the faulty Earth Faulty Relay


How to identify the start and end of 3phase 12 lead motor if U1, U2, etc numberings are lost or erased.


what is Anti-pumping?


what is meaning of 230volts ac 50hzs ac supply is it rms or maximum to getting ac 230v what amount of max voltage they will send


we are small scale industry in production of rice & rice bran. Pls let me know how to take contract demand for our industry.. (for information we have total 600.hp)


what is the minimum winding resistance of 30hp compressor, to run or to switch on


what are the main faults that occur in stabilizers? How they corrected and resolved ? Types of stabilizers ?