Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why do we have another cartridge filled with oil fitted at the bottom silica gel cartridge in power transforers

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why transformer rating is mentioned in kva?

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what is the formulae of calculating voltage drop?

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High Voltage out door substation-annual maintenance, things to be considered

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How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry?

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1 hp single phase motor is more likely to get hot thsn inone hp 3 phase motor its true or false? If true why?

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Whis machine is having higher efficiency Transformer or Generator

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What is the latest generation of circuit breakers called?

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What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring?


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What is the similarity and what is the difference between relays and PLC?


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The company is wiling to buy you 5 pcs of equipments in your electrical tool kit. Plz tell what are the 5 things you want?

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Suppose an electric motor with a controller is not working. What is the sequence of testing you will do in your troubleshooting?


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how the BDV of the oil will be checked using moterised controled HV SET?

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What is an Isolation Transformer? Where it will use?

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What is the latest generation of circuit breakers called?

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we have 2.2kw,Y,3000rpm motor but 6leads found in TB what happen if we connect in delta?


Why in ESP Positive earthed


How does a television work?


are there rmu for 3 transformer?


i applied for the ap transco please forward the freqventley asked QA


Why lose 1 phase voltage in 33kv to 415v stepdown transformer


why ups rating in kva? and why ups are in parellel?.why isolation transformer is used in ups?


How can I calculate per unit (KWH) fuel (Gas/ Diesel both) consumption 1MW unit?


Anybody know how schematic diagram for reverse power relay? RPR for generator protection


we are having 110 Kv,250mA Electrostatic precipitators for coal fired boilers. what will be static voltage and current after discharge and what time it will remain before earthing?


How we calculate the size of ht cable for any transformer


what is the maximim current drawn by 1 phase and three phase welding machine


I have finish diploma electronics and five years experience in electrical field in ht service how can i get c licensce or other electrical certificate


What are the conditions for sustained oscillator or what is backhouse criterion?


10 Mtr Hight of Lighting Arrestar how much area coverd??