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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the formula for calculating transformer Efficiency?

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what is active power & reactive power?

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What difference between MCB,MCCB,RCCB,ELCB please explain briefly with its rating.

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What is transformer tap changers please explain

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what kind of motors are used in the winders of coal field?and what are the various methods of it's speed control?


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how synchronous generator can be used as synchronous condenser?

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how can synchronous generator can be used as synchronous condenser?


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why we r using 4-20ma instead of 0-20ma in instrumentation

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what is ratio test?

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why capacitors cant used in genset to maintain power factor..??

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why we are using DC supply for all protection relays, why cant we use AC supply..???

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Please brief me about number of pole in alternator.In single phase alternator coils are connected in star or series. How to calculate frequency for the same.



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what will happened if generator runs with slow speed?

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my UPS suddenly goes off and all panel light also blow off.This happens even main electric supply is not interrupted.After some time it automatically starts functioning normally.Batteries are new.


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What are the two major types of control system?


I am an American living in Vietnam and I have recently gotten a refrigerator from Japan and it is rated for 100 vac, but the power here is 220 so I bought a voltage stabilizer it has a 1 kva output rating. Can you please tell me what the amperage is? I'm confused and without a working fridge.


hi , i have 150 kw loud and we need 50 m cabil,i want to know wich size cabil we use. thanks


Can any body tell gulf interview question for experienced electrical engineer ?


how to select automotive wire by mathematical equation with given current, vlotage and resistance


what is the cause of voltage dipp or swell in the transmission lines?


State the formula for overall efficiency of thermal power station


How many devices can be connected in one zone of FACP


what is the formula for computing cable tray size & capacity


when it is possible kvrah lead & fundamental kwh be equal in electonic trivector meters (3 ph)


What are the different losses In a de mac1une'! t.xplam


What is power factor why we should maintain the power factor unless what will happen


What are the causes of having an rmu explode after installation? And how do u treat the bushings of an rmu?


how flow current in 220 kv line to line


A d.c. Shunt motor is found suitable to drive fans because they require?