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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is d main difference between KVA and KWA

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which type of insulation are used on 132kv transmission line

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which relay is used on long transmission lines

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while calculating demand in my company the present load in kw is 212.... there 125kvar capacitor bank is installed by spliting as 50 in departments...the diasplay in panek biard shows 175kw... how could we know the amount of kvar used to compensate the kva

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sent to a site and asked to explain how you would like a twenty seven flour building should be supplied with lighting and sockets plus a water boiler.


why DC source is used to idetify the polarity of CT/PT?

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what is corona ?

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what is the max. acceptable leakage current in 33kv bus bar



does the power factor of an induction motor improve upon used in parallel with a synchronous condenser , used commonly to provide a leading kva ?

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can a synchronous motor be made to rotate in a clockwise direction ?

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why stator winding of synchronous machine are connected in star connection ?

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what are the protection relays for trasformer

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size of condotory fron voltage level


How much allowable difference current between on three phases Dear sir, We have a 1870 KW HT motor, 11 Kv supply,FLA-120A,2870 rpm,2-pole squirrel cage induction Motor.And stator is connected in star connection with Liquid resistance stater to limit the starting current.It has coupled with Centrifugal air compressor.My question is it is loading 73% of FLA taking R-phase 86.7 A, Y-phase-85.4A,B-phase- 78.3A.why the B phase current is that much of difference.Is it allowable, or any one tell me how much allowable current.If any method to calculate.

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What will happen if the rotor of an induction motor is fed from a 3 phase supply and the stator short circuited ?

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what is the IPC ? & what the uses ?


how to changeover ups in this power failur time?


What is the difference between DOL starter and star delta starter


what is the calculation method to design core and winding of a 200kva 3phase distribution transformer?


What is advantages of VSCF wind electrical system?


What is Instantaneous Earth fault relay,how will work


armature is that part in which current is induced since in dc motor we supply current to the conductor so why we call it armature?


what is there inside an inverter and how it works?


What is the actual calculation for transformer short circuit test?.


We need to current density & short circuit calculation at 65kA for aluminium & copper busbar.


is it possible to test of bus bar in high rise building without completed full floor ?


how to calculate the tarriff for an industry whose kva demand is 10 mva


What is the difference between single core 2 wire and single core 3 wire system? Which application we are using this? and for What purpose we are using this?


difference between semiconductor & conductor & insulator?


why they were using TRIAC instead relay in some controllers and what is the advantages.