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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is a core company? why should we join a core company?

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line tester lamp working in which voltage?

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anybody can give the voltage value for 1M ohm

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why dc series motor has high starting torque

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How synchronous motor helps to improve PF? plz explain

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How to select busbar?

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Why IGBT is very popular nowadays?


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what is the advantage of Cathodic eathing system and what is the basic principle and how itis working, please explain clearly .


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How to calcluate the current by means wires/cables in square mm

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what is working of communitator in a dc generator?

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what is the maximum load sutiable from earth to phase and what is the max voltage earth to phase suitable

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What are series and parallel isolators?

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We have got the HT connection of 1000 KVA in which we have installed a seprate APFC panel at the PCC end & seprate KWH meter is installed. My question is that does the KWH reading shown in the meter is a part of the Consumption ???? ( approx 500 units is shown)

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Technical requirement of Copper earthing over GI earthing.

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why the electrical insulators suspention breakdowen

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Explain Creepage Distance of Insulator


Is MEN and RCD related to each other ?? IF yes then how??


What is Antipumping Function & If we have C.T how we find the Ratio ?


Transformer cores are laminated in order to A simplify its construction B minimize eddy current loss C reduce cost D reduce hysterisis loss


What are the advantages of nichols chart?


What is instrumental error?


What is difference between SMC supportg and Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Support.


Hi everyone. Some Generators uses 3-Pole breakers with extra contactors for Neutral. Some uses 4-Pole. Why so? What is the idea behind this? Thanks in advance for the solution. Kr.


Sir, I m 3rd year student 4m DCE and want to do internship in siemens or l&t or any other mnc related to electrical engineering. please tell me the procedure 4 same and oblige me


What are test signals and their significance?


Operation of isolators.


Explain marx circuit.


how is control wiring coding is done in a CRP panel ?


Explain the term parallel path in dc machin ?


whit is 33kv power 300*300 cable full current with formula