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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why use windmills is squirell cage generators?How to calculate the slip ?

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Why DG set rating in KVA

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What is the temperature and cooling aspects of dc motor

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why we can turn on the phase-A scr in 3 phase converter at 30 degrees



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I am working as a software engineer for the past 4 years. I am interested to do in premier inst. like IIT, IIIT, NIT,... I am preparing for the GATE exam for the past 2 years. Can anyone tell me how about the placement in IIT's for in (microelectronics and vlsi or electronics related discipline). Some of them are telling like placement is very rare for electronics. Also the placement details in IIT websites are not true. Is that so ? can any one help us regarding this.

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hi friends how 3 phase converter functioning ?what is working principle of rotory phase converter ?


when we catch any one of the phases with our both hands in air(without touching ground),our body acts as a it correct.please clarrify it.

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What is the requirement of sulphuric acid in electrical feild?

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How to checking sld drawingas and control drawings

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why double earthing is required for welding machine & electrical tools.

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how hydrogen cooled alternator undergo maintanence ? that is hydrogen when come in contact with air can result into explosions .



what is the technical term when and alternator's prime mover fails.


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what is meant by differential protection of transformer

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what is meant by neutral Ct of a transformer and how it connected in transformer

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

There are Two questions about Steam Turbine Generator... What is HRSG bypass of LP, HP used for in power generation? In particualar, in the event that fault of HP bypass, there would be STG TRIP in operation but none on the LP bypass fault...what's the reason ?


suri transmission


How to calculat the ratio of HT\LT in energy meter


what is the IS foe lightning arrester?


please anybody help me to find out the BHEL trainee Exam previous year questions papers . if u ve pls. send it to


what is meant by neutral compensation factor and where it is used


why we have to particulary use ACB for below ratings,even available of MCB,MCCB with that range ?


At what speed 1 HP motor can run an electric car of weighing 400 kg?


how to store the thunder power?


design a 3 bit synchronous and asynchronous counter using T- flipflop


Which are resistive loads & which one are inductive loads : Refrigerator, Split air conditioner, ceiling fans, well pump, fluoresecent bulbs, T.V, CRT Monitors, Adsl Routers, C.P.U, Printers, Deep Freezers, Speakers, DVD Players, Microwave oven etc. ? Output Power for these Appliances Would be same like this : P = V * A * P.F Or would be changed ? thanks


If we impress a dc voltage of 230 V on an unloaded 230 V, 50 Hz transformer it wi A give high secondary voltage B burn out C give secondary voltage as per K D none of these


What does the term supermesh means?


what is servo motor and how it works?


Working of microwave oven?