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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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i want to know about psu exam eligibility critaria?


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What is differance betwwen Conventional MCC & Inteligent MCC?

Quantum, Siemens,

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where we use 1 phase & 3 phase supply ?what is major advantage using 3 phase over than single phase ?

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i need 24v dc from 230v ac supply how we can getit ? what are the devices &its rating requied for that ? plzz i need answer urgently .thank u

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What is the operating range of voltage and current in grid supply in India?


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can we produce cosine wave instead of sine wave? will it usefull?


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what could be the RMS value and average value of a 4 phase sine wave?



what is the advantage of NiCd battery over Lead acid battery?


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What is the operating range(tolerance) of voltage and frequency of grid supply in india?


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whenever any squirrel or a crow falls on the transformer input line then there is a big explosion and 440 volts of power is being discharged through the neutral line due to which appliances in off mode are also burned.we have earthing for the transformer as well as the bus bar chamber.why is it happening?

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Can we use HRC Fuse inplace of Semiconductor fuse?

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What should be setting for alarm,tripping and cooling fan on for power transformer's oil temp. and winding temp. indicator?


While performing stability test of differintial cts how to know the voltage and current on both side of the transformer?


a.)Ammeter and Voltmeter read rms value or avg. value ? b.)What are symmetrical and Unsymmetrical faults?

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How we can design a cable for a 3phase load.

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What is a copper loss or i2r loss pc?


draw vector diagram and +ve,zero sequence diagram of symmetrical three phase fault.


What is the Current equation in series RLC circuits.


why in the three pin plug all 3 pins are cutted ?


How to protect sensitive loads such as Dosing pumps inside a factory from voltage surge/voltage fluctuation.


How to decide and select the different earthing wire size for the different types of earthing


What is T’Q and X’Q and X’D ? and what is saturated as well as unsaturated ?


What are unstable systems?


What is meant by reverse polarity and how it can be fixed?


Does the direction of rotation of d.c. Shunt motor would get reversed if the armature current and field current both are reversed?


What are the different towers used in 132kv transmission line? what are the differences between the P,R,S towers used in 132KV and detailed explanation


Explain how you intend to work under pressure to meet up with deadline target?


what is the purpose of high speed earth switch in gas insulated substat


how much flux density of CRNO core


Why induction motor is widely used in industry