Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how much cable size required for 70 kilowatt load.


how to find out cable size if load is 2800 watts, 230 volts AC supply and load distance is 1800 meters


How to find out damper winding failure for synchronous machine?


How to calculate MCB Breaking capacity.


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What is the rating factor for copper cable ( Specific value according to the type of laying ) & the voltage drop?


How to do stting of vl250 siemens MCCB


HOW can i REuse the fused MLL LAMPS & GLS LAMPS at our factory


what is static frequency converter?what is the function...of sfc...?


Give details on how you intend to handle a challenging position you are posted to manage unexpectedly as a company staff?


What is the Temperature to be set in Thermostat provided in Marshalling box of the Transformer / Motor.


How many size of cable required for a 300m long and 30kw inductive lode


What is the rating of a circuit breaker needed for 300 kv load in 33KV supply line of 33/415 transformer ? Whether 800/1200 amp vaccum circuit breaker can perform for a 33 KV line in input in 415 volt in output of the transformer ?


Can anyone explain me about the RLC based Impulse high voltage generator and how to and operation of Series resonant High voltage reactor...?


what is mean by drives?


Why collecting electrode of ESP to be earthed


To make a basic instrumentation amplifier, it takes A One op-amp with a certain feedback arrangement B Two op-amp and seven resistors C Three op-amps and seven capacitors D Three op-amps and seven resistors


how to calculate percentage impedence at 75 deg C at normal tap


In a power conditoining unit (inverter) of a solar plant when we measure the d.c. current fed by different strings of solar plates to inverter, the current in the negative wire is less almost by 1 ampere to the current in its positive wire say current in positive wire 5 A , then current in negative wire of the same string is 4 A. Since the current entering should be equal to current leaving then why the current is noticably less in negative wire.


What is the difference between a 3 winding and 2 winding Potential Transformer