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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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IN dc capacitive reactance is??


Why in metering Ct for ammeters ct secondary side is grounded for each Ct but not in case of CBCT (Core balance current transformer)..kindly some1 highlights the it because net flux is zero?


How many kw will suply from one db


What happent when a AC motor(no break and starters ) stop and suddenly start . ? Starting current low or high?? Why?

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Why single phase induction motors are not self starting ?


Let's say I have 2 current carrying conductors C1 and C2 carrying currents of 5A and 10A. They are brought close to each other from a distance of infinity to a distance of 10cm away from each other - 1. What would be the values of current flowing in each conductor when (taking into account effects of interference of each conductor on the other) - a. The currents are AC b. The currents are DC c. C1 is AC and C2 is DC Please explain your answer with mathematical equations and formulas. Please specify the final numeric answer. Please make assumptions and clearly specify them.

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True or false question. 1.The fuse provide phase and neutral 2.power loss in electrical circuit can take place in (resistance or inductance or capacitance). 3.two phase system each phase has separated by a phase difference of (90 or 180 or 270 or 45). 4.3 phase balanced star connected load neutral current shall be (line current or phase current or zero or unity)


what is a synchronizing lamp ?


PRV (Pressure relief valve) Trip with oil splash outside power transformers


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What is hipot test procedure?



What will be the current rating of Main switch for 80 kVAR panel

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If a earth leakage circuit breaker trips is it possible to tell which house circuit breaker (I have four) is the faulty circuit?

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What is generator

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What are the criteria shall be considers for sizing Fuse and MCB? If the rated current is 10Amps what should be the fuse size / MCB Size?


What will be MF for below rating ? Main CT PT value is 11kva/110 and 20/5 amp Meter display is 1kva/110v and -/5 amp What will be MF ? Multiplycity factor of energy meter


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actually i can't understand what is 3dB ? and it's really not clear to me.please any one let it me be cleared.


what is reverse power relay brief explanation and in b/w where it is connected


What is a copper loss or i2r loss pc?


What is the distance between body earthing and neutral earthing.?


Is it good to short Neutral and Ground in the PLC or DCS main Power supply. Pls give YES or NO with reasons...? Simarpreet


Which level of the Transformer oil got dielectric strengh? And why?


hello! sir i did three year of diploma in electrical (2007- 2010) and now i m a student of electrical engineering. sir can i apply for germany visa for study and part tome work over there?


Igfet is a


how to calculate mf when meter and cTPT detail are given


What is the difference between a verilog task and verilog function?


what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer.


Define the three phase formula fuse.


what is the standard duration after failure EB power


Under wat condition statcom operates as an inductor for the transmission line?


hello!my name is sheikh iam preparing for indian engineering servieces,please send me the old question