Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Hi.. I am studying Mechanical Engineering.. And I am going to prepare for an interwiew of Caritor a software company.. so pleaz tell what i want to study in software and how I should prepare???

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what is carburateer

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9 balls are there one of them is of higher wt and remaining all are of same. given is one weighing scale and you can use it two times. How will you find the heavy ball in two trials only.

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i want sample question paper for SECTION ENGINEER IN RRB.



please send me latest hindustan petrolium papers

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what is runout? how it is measure? which is the refrence?

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what is mean ovality?, how it is measured?


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what is mean by CONCENTRICITY? how it is measure?

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what is over ball dimmention? why it is required? what is used in machining?

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what is mean by pitch diameter?


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9. Who is an ideal team worker according to you

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if HR asks about, to tel us about automobile engineering wht should we answer him


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sir, Iam attending for reliance industries limited entrance exam . Please give me about the interview pattern of written and technical papers.


what are the alignment methods for any two turbine shafts and formulae

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can anybody send me syllabus of Mumbai RRB for section engineer(mechanical) post


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what is critical temprature discuss that is any pressure greater than critical pressure is valid for boiler design.....2 in what cycle steam power plant is based draw h-s diagram.different process to make gear what is tooth profile what is generatic and directric and many more as i m doing mtech thats why interview was of 30 minute...........


How will you size a pipe?. What is Darcy's formula?. From where you will get friction factor "f" ?. In darcy formula substitute f = 16/Re and now you see hf proportional to V instead of V square. How do you explain?.


Sir can u send me few interview questions and answers based on Deputy Superintendent(materials) of APSRTC. I have selected in written.reply to thank u.


What is G U T protection?


Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?


What are reasons for poor machinability for IS 2062 steel


What safety device will activate to stop the compressor in the refrigeration system


What are the safety devices of boiler?


Mention some of the major contributions made by you in your present and previous jobs:


difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle projection


What are the causes of main engine Turbo Charger blower side dirty?


1draw a convergent uniform and divergent circular pipe and draw hydraulic gradient line and total energy line.


What is the formula to calculate how to find the amperes in 1ton and how many btu


When we are calculating the heat load sheets,why we are not considering the heat developed from the blood in the human body.Also both men & women can't acess aircondition in same way..women feel too cool even at 22 degree,while men can overcome that.


What is EARTH COUPLING. Have come across,a pnuematic index table Machine is vertical drilling machine made by Chiron GMBH