Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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can any body sand me previous exampapers of jr. engineer (mechanical)


What are the protections in a Diesel generator Engine?



Why do you want do MS in Mechanical Engineering in US


Is heat treatment required for hardox 400+Mild steel welding ?

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What is an Economizer?

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A vertical plate and a horizontal plate are suspended in an open room. Both are heated to the same temperature. Which one will cool first?


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Hi i am balaji, what is the difference grade avail in welding electordes ?

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Why are open the ejector air vents.


What is the felding arrangment of the boiler


What is the size of a Squre nut of a M12 Bolt

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explain the phenomena of autoignition in petrol engines

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what is bearing stress?

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1. A single acting stage air compressor with 6% of clearance volume compresses air from 1.2 bar to 6.5 bar. Find the change in volumetric efficiency if the exponent of expansion process changes from 1.55 to 1.72.

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2. Dry saturated steam at 3.5 bar is expanded through a convergent nozzle to 2.2 bar. The exit area is 5 sq. cm. Calculate the exit velocity and mass flow rate, assuming isentropic expansion and super saturated flow. b) A cast iron cylinder head is fastened to a cylinder of 750mm bore with 12 stud bolts. The maximum pressure inside the cylinder is 3 Mpa. The stiffness of part is thrice the stiffness of the bolt. What should be the initial tightening load so that the point is leak proof at maximum pressure? Also choose a suitable bolt for the above application 2 The propeller shaft of a marine engine is to transmit 600 kW at 1200 rpm, without a significant bending. The efficiency of the propeller is 88% at 32 knots ( 1 knot = 1085 km/hr). If the slenderness ratio is less than 50 and the permissible shear stress should not exceed 65 Mpa. Determine the diameter of shaft. 3 A semi-elliptic leaf spring consists of two extra full-length leaves and six graduated length leaves, including the master leaf. Each leaf is 7.2 mm thick and 65 mm wide. The centre-to-centre distance between the two eyes is 1.3m. The leaves are pre-stressed in such a way that when the load is maximum, stress induced in all leaves are equal to 380 N/mm sq. Determine the maximum force that the spring can withstand


please send previous year que. paper of je mech rrb.


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What will you do in case of scavenging fire


Give the safety precaution when working in a high place.


What is the purpose of starting air?


what is advantage and disadvantage of forward curve and backward curve blade of an id fan impeller and FD fan impeller??


bag filter ,monitooringof exection/ co -ordination of site activities format


I have purchased some circlips @rs 100/- p pc on 01.01.2017 ans some @rs.120/- p pc/@rs.90/- p pc dt. 31.03.2017 what is the ending price of per pcs


What are the causes of low compression in the main engine?


A fan is handling hot air at 285 degC with flow of 411635 m3/hr, power consumed is 1165kW and efficiency is 66%. what will happen to flow, power and efficiency of the fan if a water spray system is introduced to reduce the air temperature up to 200 degC? (also please refer any document regarding this)


Please send rrb je mechanical question and answers model


what is the calculation of selection ofan capacity is 12000m3/hr.


if we not carried out B check at mean time in DG set what will be happen?


What is space heater?


why does polytropic efficiency of a compressor decrease with increasing flow rate ?


What is the microstructure content of D25-8 nodular cast iron?


Is copper tube withstand under hard water say as 500 TDS.And is it cleanable by solfamric acid or by tube brushing