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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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difference between forced fan and induced fan. principal of cooling tower carbon footprinting stress and strain diagram with whole details types of gesr box pressure with tempeature fall . why cam profile on which pattern stress and bending moment diagram for catilever beam

Engineers India Limited,

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Dear all i have applied for section engineer post in RRB Chennai can anyone please send previous question papers please do it if u have


why we are not using the unit joule for torque instead of N-m.


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sir, i am going to appear in the test of BEML 2009 so i want to get the type of question paper asked in previous exams of BEML.


What is the profile of QA engineer



question related 2 soal car: Working under a bright light bulb or in direct sunlight, experiment with the angle of light hitting the solar panels. What angle gives you the fastest rotation of the wheels? How would you modify this car to make the wheels turn faster? How would you modify this design to make a car that could carry or pull a heavier load? How could you modify this design so that your car could run for short periods in complete darkness or low light situations?

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Hai, i am going to appear for Section Engineer- Mechanical,RRB Chennai.Can anybody please post me the previous question papers and solutions to


Hey guys anyone plzzz tell me the syllabus for Vizag Steel Plant (IT & Mechanical Streams)........ And Aslo plzz send the materials or previous papers of vizag Steel Plant Management Trainees for both IT & Mechanical Streams......... plzzzzzzz......... Plzzzzzzz


if weld join is failed in radiography what is procudure and its penality

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pl convey me the procedure to get the vat and cst no. i am going to start trading cum manufacturing of grain handling equipments.


Two shafts A and B are made of same material. The diameter of the shaft B is twice that of shaft A. The ratio of power which can be transmitted by shaft A to that of shaft B is


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The higest value of thermal conductivity is expected for a.) Solid ice b.) Melting ice c.) Water d.) Boiling water Give the thermal conductivity value for each.

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what is the difference between specific gravity and density of a substance?

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please send me previous question papers of rrb chennai applied for junior engineer in mechanical dept


1draw a convergent uniform and divergent circular pipe and draw hydraulic gradient line and total energy line.



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what is the magnetic (electric) center)


How to calculate motor bearing life - cycle (life time) (SKF bearing) how determine the capacity of refrigeration system? how we use condenser coils, compressor, capillarity,compressor how determine the capacity of refrigeration system? how we use condenser coils, compressor, capillarity,compressor what is rigging


gearless vehicle used which type of gearbox and do this work????


What does angular momentum mean?


What is the effect of friction on flow of steam through a nozzle ?


What are the benefits of cycloidal gears?


Explain why is over-pressurizing an air conditioning system bad?


What are various types of brakes?


Why do you want do MS in Mechanical Engineering in US


How is propeller fitted in shaft?


What will cause if you run your engine in critical RPM continuously?


Can an airplane fly without a tail?


What do you understand by fuel cycle in nuclear plants ?


What do you understand by engineering drawing?


I am Sunny..I have completed B.Tech(Mechanical).can i apply for Probationary Officer Post in Syndicate Bank 2010.Is that they hire engineers for PO Post?