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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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how do you come to know air is fully saturated


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stress strain diagram for fluid


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examples for newtonian and non newtonian fluid

Applied Materials, NTPC, Wipro,

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NPSH for centrifugal pump

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what is powercopy in catia v5

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do u know about Publishing and Task in catia v5


[lease send recent question papers of rrb in junior engineer


How do you design a system which is required to experience a shock force of 15G in 10 milliseconds?


I have a thermal flask in which i have to fill the boiled water. I also have thermocol, saw dust and silver paper. Now tell me how i have to arrange these material to attain minimum heat loss.

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Why do we use solid shafts for transfer of power in case of pumps/ turbines & other machines why we use a hollow shaft (pipe) in universal joints of automobiles; although the rated load and twist is approx. the same?

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A solid body of weight W is placed in a pipe. Suppose water is started flowing through the pipe.what will happen to the body. when it will start flowing ?


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sir i m final year diploma(mech. engg)student, can i apply for psu,s as like sail, bhel,gail,dmrc.etc..if yes then give me detall about iton my e-mail id you.........


sir,i m mech. engg final year student, please send me technical test question with answer for gail,bhel,sail& also useful for other psu exam. thank you....



why don't we use 2 nd angle and 4 th angle projections ??????(since there is also NOT overlapping of VIEWS in 2 nd angle and 4 th angle projections)

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what is the purpose of planetry gears.

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Properties of F.O. the cause damage on auxiliary boiler.


How to give the answer for Expected CTC for MNC as well as for growing company?


We have fifteen year old CNC turning lathe,placed in dust proof room,recently giving control problems frequently.We are considering to retrofit it.Pl.brief me about various point I should consider for accessing the mechanical health of machine.


Define earth lamp?


Define coal


What is galvanic corrosion?


What are safety considerations in welding job?


distance between the power generation and the distribution to the application is fixed or vary


Why are open the ejector air vents.


What is big advantage of fast breeder reactor ?


What are the typical indicator diagrams?


What is the effect of high alkaline water to a boiler?


Is there a lower limit to the gland surface finish for static O-rings, gaseous system? surface finish table lists 0.41-0.81 micro-meters for static gaseous systems. What is the drawback of using a smoother surface finish lower than 0.41?


What is conduction?


What is the effect of inter cooling in gas turbines ?