Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Name fuels used in nuclear power plant?


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If I want to set a power plant in desert of ‘Rajasthan’ and I have option of steam and gas power plant. Which plant I should set up?


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You have to design a machine component. For what type of failure (ductile or brittle) you will design?


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On what property u can distinguish material as brittle or ductile?


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Whether ductile material can fail in brittle manner? WHEN?

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what is friction?


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what is the manufacturing process for impellers of closed, semiopen and open type?

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I am requiering interview questions regarding Close Ferro Crome Furnaces


what are the types of welding machine?


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What is FEED?

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current rating of a 3 phase DG set is 20 Amps, but what will be the per phase current for single phase supply.

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Why tyres are manufactured in black colour?


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Why green curtons are used in hospital?

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How to measure sound level of engine of tractor?

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which questions will be asked on AUTO-CADD and Pro-E softwares pls it is very very urgent

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why eta(η) became the symbol of Newton law of viscocity


in tpp how steam pr. decreases from steam drum to main steam line


i want to know the difference between proportional hydraulic valve & servo hydraulic valve


explain how do seamless pipes looks like and when they r used?


What is the furnace Oil viscacity


i am a mechanical engg.8th sem student.i want to know the syllabus and criteria,previous question paper set of section engg(RLY).please send it to my email id.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Is the hvac machines are designed 10% less than the electrical feeder value?


Dear Sir, i need previous technical question papers, if possible so please tell from where i got these papers.


what do you mean by volvo ?


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What is the difference between Muff Coupling and Screwed Coupling with Cotter pin used in pump line shafts.


Would you please provide me with questions collected for interview regard to pressure vessel, which is in the aspects of welding, NDT, materials and painting? Please send these questions&answers to within 1 week, Thank you for your help. Rgs!


Hello i am appearing for the BHAVINI written exam 2014 for the post of Technical Officer(Mechanical). Can anyone tell me what topics to prepare?


Differentiate Between High Speed coupling and high torque coupling with examples.


I heard that the acetylene cylinder pressure can't be brought down below bar while using for welding activity. Is it true. . If so pl explain why