Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Compare Brayton and Otto cycle.


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please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER GRADE II - MECHANICAL RRB CHENNAI}}} TECHNICAL question papers


why diesel engine does not have spark plug like petrol engine, how ever petrol is better fuel than diesel?


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1.Heat Treatment Process HRC Stands for 2.Material OHNS Stands for

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i need previous 5 years solved q&a for rrb chennai section engg(mech) anybody if you know please atleast provide me the link or if u could send me it to my mail id


What is mean by Resistance welding


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I want a RRB model question for Diploma mechanical Engg.

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why the path of a satellite is always elliptical with earth not at the centre of the ellipse?



How Hydrulic Power Stering & Clutch works plz explain?????????????????

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meaning of engineering ...

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what is the use of vanadium (non metal) ?

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why petrol engine gives more power than diesel engine eventhough diesel engine has high compression ratio?


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what is the relationship between cop and hp(horse power) of compressor?

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In auto mobile industry for any type of vehicle how can we differentiate 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine....

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how the material no. 2062 will mild steel of desity 7.85? what are the other codes?

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What are your significant functional achievements in the present company? How did they contribute to the total process


What materials are used for engine propeller?


We have fifteen year old CNC turning lathe,placed in dust proof room,recently giving control problems frequently.We are considering to retrofit it.Pl.brief me about various point I should consider for accessing the mechanical health of machine.


Steps In starting boilers.


Is the hvac machines are designed 10% less than the electrical feeder value?


What is the difference between P11 & P22 pipes?


How to convert GSS duct volume in KG for all guages




how does the lybrinth glands work in sealing a turbine? how exactly turbine sealing is done? principle of it?


1. What are good characteristics of good combustion in a boiler? 2. What do you analyze from boiler water analysis? 3. What do you treat in high alkalinity of boiler water? 4. What is a feed water pump? Dearator feed heater? 5. What is the purpose of the nozzle of impulse turbine? 6. What are the things needed to have an efficient boiler burning? 7. Name Of Parts And Each Purpose 8. What are the causes of emergency stop in a steam engine? 9. What is the normal vacuum pressure in a steam turbine atmospheric condenser? What would cause the press to falls? 10. Steam turbine (function an parts) 11. What is the boiling point of water? 12. What are the safety devices of boiler? 13. What is the effect of high alkaline water to a boiler? 14. Steps In starting boilers. 15. Small gear found in the steam turbine. 16. What is an Economizer? 17. What are the methods of heat transfer? 18. Types of pressure 19. What are the different parts of impulse reaction turbine? 20. What is the color of the flame of the boiler running in good condition? 21. What type of pump is commonly used is feed water system in auxiliary boiler? 22. What is the specific heat of water? 23. What do you do to prevent flare black? 24. What is a brake horsepower? 25. What is the purpose of a de-superheater? 26. What is the purpose of corrugated furnaces? 27. What are the causes of steam turbine failure? 28. What is the purpose of superheater? 29. Given a cutaway isometric view of the steam turbine. Examinee was asked to identify the following Parts: 30. What is thrust bearing? 31. Give five boiler mounting valves. 32. In steam boiler, what are the various test in water boiler? 33. How much calorific value of heat is needed to heat 00c of 34. What will happen if boiler backfires? 35. What is the color of flame if the boiler is running in good condition? How about when it is not in good condition? 36. How does the steam work in a steam turbine? 37. What are the causes of boiler backfire and steps in how to prevent it from happening? 38. What are the causes of high alkalinity in boiler water? 39. What are sensible heat, latent heat, and specific heat of water? 40. What are the causes of turbine vibration 41. Identify the parts of steam turbine 42. What is the normal Ph value of boiler water 43. Causes of dilution of lubricating oil in a steam turbine? 44. Explain briefly- good combustion of auxiliary boiler? 45. Method of testing or checking boiler water? 46. What is mean carry over of Aux. Boiler? 47. What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage? 48. Why must we pay attention when we drain steam in steam turbine. What factors are observed? 49. What type of pump use in boiler F.O. system? 50. What parameters to be reported when we send lubricating oil for shore analysis? 51. In boiler, what does steam and smoke goes out to the funnel. What reason? 52. Where can you find the feed check valve and feed stop valve and give the purpose of it? 53. What are the causes of troubles in boiler during operations? 54. Give the purpose of nozzle in impulse turbine? 55. What s gland sealing steam? 56. How to prevent back fire of boiler? 57. What is the used of economizer in boiler? 58. What is the seal packing gland for turbine? 59. What is the flow of steam in an impulse turbine? 60. What will happen if you blow the soot in the boiler? 61. State the purpose of air heater? 62. How to operate soot blower boiler and economizer? 63. What do you mean by A.CC.? 64. What is the thermal efficiency of a diesel engine? 65. What is a blow down valves?


for under water excavation works, can i have some standard codes and specifications(international)


What is a liquid flooding in refrigeration system?


Where is the expansion tank located?


Describe The Complete actvities of the STORE KEEPER?


Is IS 2062 different from ASTM A 36 or both are almost same