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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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1. difference between QA and QC? 2. difference between Cp

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What between defrance of vertical deegry and horigental deegry.


how to work rack and pinion method

Indo US MIM Tec,

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as started in the job offer notification, is our basic salary of 1lakh good for you if employed?



what is the different between tube and pipe

Tata Power,

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what happens when the spark are introduced before the piston reaches maximum


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What will happen if we rotate the horizontal plane in anti-clock wise instead of clock wise and make the drawings in 2nd and 4th quadrant?Why the horizontal plane always rotates in clock wise?

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What is the reason of turbine actuator hunting

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Please tell me the difference between EN31 and OHNS material.

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What is mean by compression ratio?

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What is the material used ball screw rod


Can you explain axial play and radial play

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please briefly explain the Discharge process and Formula of Centrifugal Pump

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Prove that 0/0 =2


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What is the melting temperature of the cng long tube fusible plug? And can I use lead solder Sn97Cu3 (Melting temp S/L 227-309 °C) Materials of tube : AISI 4130 Alloy steel


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Un-Answered Questions { Mechanical Engineering }

What is control volume system?


The capacity of a domestic refrigerator is in the range of ?


how to calculate cooling water require to condense x amount of vapor in a condenser.


differentiate between total moisture and inherent moisture of coal.


Gegger is used in foundry for the purpose of____________


what is the difference between type -a and type -b iron > The chemical compostion is given here under and also guide us the effect of Ni;Cr;Mo in the iron; name and use of these two types of iron Type a Type b %C :3.15 2.65 %Mn:0.41 0.52 %Si:1.72 1.60 %S :0.090 0.082 %P: 0.215 0.204 %Ni: 0.40 Traces %Cr : 0.49 Traces %Mo : Traces Traces


What is the coefficient expansion of transformer oil?


project,planning, equioment erraction &maint format. project,planning&scheduling,bar chart


Give the procedures in starting centrifugal pumps.


why choke is not exactly placed in the middle of the tube light ?


What are the causes of I.O. high temperature in a diesel engine?


Explain why will an ice cube placed in a cup of hot rotating water spin automatically faster than the water itself?


present salary with all benefits (ctc) please give breakup it possible ?


Sir, In the current session I am attending the Junior Engineer Exam in Grade II for Mechanical Engineering. If it possible. Please sent the Past Exams Question on my mail. It is so useful use to me.


Are you ready to relocate with your immediate family as a new employee?