Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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1. difference between QA and QC? 2. difference between Cp

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What between defrance of vertical deegry and horigental deegry.


how to work rack and pinion method

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as started in the job offer notification, is our basic salary of 1lakh good for you if employed?



what is the different between tube and pipe

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what happens when the spark are introduced before the piston reaches maximum


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What will happen if we rotate the horizontal plane in anti-clock wise instead of clock wise and make the drawings in 2nd and 4th quadrant?Why the horizontal plane always rotates in clock wise?

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What is the reason of turbine actuator hunting

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Please tell me the difference between EN31 and OHNS material.

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What is mean by compression ratio?

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What is the material used ball screw rod


Can you explain axial play and radial play

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please briefly explain the Discharge process and Formula of Centrifugal Pump

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Prove that 0/0 =2


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What is the melting temperature of the cng long tube fusible plug? And can I use lead solder Sn97Cu3 (Melting temp S/L 227-309 °C) Materials of tube : AISI 4130 Alloy steel


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in the design of a rack and pinion with the pinion having a pitch of 4in and a teeth number of 45,how many teeth should a rack of length 196.850in have


how to select the capacity of an exhaust blower( exhaust booth) in an automobile industry.


What are the causes of damage of diesel engine exhaust Valve?


Pl. brief me about geometrical test & positional accuracy of machine tool.


How to calculate motor bearing life - cycle (life time) (SKF bearing) how determine the capacity of refrigeration system? how we use condenser coils, compressor, capillarity,compressor how determine the capacity of refrigeration system? how we use condenser coils, compressor, capillarity,compressor what is rigging


What happens when too much cylinder oil is injected in the working cylinder?


In General please do read newspapers.And be thorough with 10th history and Geography.Biology also


which type of que can be asked in this company?


why conservator contains 8% total oil qty in transformer any formula to calculate


please send previous year que. paper of je mech rrb.


interview questiions for production planning


I heard that the acetylene cylinder pressure can't be brought down below bar while using for welding activity. Is it true. . If so pl explain why


i am preparing for vsp management trainee technical 2010.can any one send me modelpapers of preliminary written test.


What is the formula for 1 HP of a two-cycle engine?


After any cause of repaired how i start the engine by slow speed 800 to 900 rpm electronic control moudle engine [cummins]