Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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sir i have to face an interview for marine trainee engineer on 15 sept tell me some related questions which r genrally asked...



sir,i am golng to attend BHEL supervisor trainee personal interview on 11 sept.anyone share me that how could i perform well in interview& what they would expect from me. thank you.

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In Steam Turbine using superheated steam as an inlet steam, What happens if I use air in place of steam with the same parameters ? Will is work or not ?

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What is the basic temperature v/s. time function / curve / equation ?


If I import a steam boiler from USA and want to install it in India, will it work ?

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In a Steam Turbine, where does the maximum loss of efficiency occur ?


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In a thermal power plant : Why the Deaerator is placed at height and mostly at 15.5mtr?

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sir,kindly give brief knowledge about various welding processes like SMAW. GTAW,SAW ,and ASME ,IBR code at my i.d



Is it able to make FMEA for Pencil creation? If yes send the FMEA


respected sir, kindly send me some interview questions , which are asked in trainee marine engg..

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RESPECTED SIR iam saravanan from chennai i need rrbchennai entrance question paper(modei question paper)and send this papers to my email id as soon as possible



Respected sir please send placement paper of bpcl

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What is the real meaning of quality


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i have an iterview on 18 sep for bhel ,pls send some questions asked during interview during the earlier interview on 11th sep


In a tractor wheel, why is the Disc polygonal in shape (like a square, hexagon or octagon) whereas for Commercial vehicles and Passenger Cars the wheel has a circular disc?

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Which material amoung EN8 and EN24 should be selected for the designing of the shafts of rotary kilns


Have you been a team leader in your previous or present job and what are the challenges of associated with team leadership?


What will you do in case of scavenging fire


What for admirality brass used ?


What is the meaning of less pumping in AC


Can I use motor oil in a hydraulic system?


how to identify the odd man out in the arranged particular type of object


What safety device will activate to stop the compressor in the refrigeration system


I am completed diploma in mechanical in 2002, i have 5year experience in materials (purchase) dept,i want to do SAP cource in MM module, i want to know can i complete SAP after diploma cource only, is it usefull to me for further Job opening.


Why iso-octane is chosen as reference fuel for s.i. Engines and allotted 100 value for its octane number ?


Distinguish between the shear center and elastic center.


we need tech specs of HP fan cap 50,000 m3/Hr, Pressure o.5-0.7 Bar for blast furnace at steel plant


what are the application or secification (temp/presure)for which IBR pipes should be used?


I've been running into situations where a relief valve is being used to protect a regulator. Is this common? And, is this a proper use of a relief valve?


What is mean by greenfield project?