Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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please provide me the calculation for the thickness of duplex stainless steel pipeline thickness used in process industry ( Water). The details are given below. Diameter : 3" and 4" Thickness : 3.91mm, SCH40 Operating pressure : 62 bar Operating Temp : 35 degree ASME31.3


what type of questions will be there in the written paper of tata motors ?



my dad is refused 8 times in visitor visa? now my dad wants to go usa only? tell me what he can do? whats the reason?

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can any one send me all the interview questions and test questions on strength of materials . to


Dear sir, I am student of mechanical engg.Please,send me reliance energy placement papers.



Hi i am going to attend the interview for BHEL. can you please help out in knowing about the area of preparation. I am apprearing for Executive trainee post. Please share your views on this. Thanks

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What is the detailed meaning of automotive clutch endurance test and inertia test?

841 to Ask the result After the interview gone? 2.please send me the interview questions of unigraphics,IDEAS,solidworks,autocadd,and mechanical design. to my mail id

Bhel, Ashok Leyland,


1./ Why are you seeking a job change? For better opportunity & to learn more 2./ Have you ever worked abroad before? No 3./ Why do you want to work outside of your country? To enhance my skills 4./ What are your long range career objectives? To serve humanity with my skills 5./ What is your most significant accomplishment at your last job? Completed my work before the given time with all quality works. I inspired my team to achieve all targets before the completion date 6./ How Well Do You Work In A Stressful Environment? Very well 7./ What are your greatest strengths as a professional? My commitment & hardwork 8./ As a manager how do you motivate people? I liked to work as a team 9./ How will you train your employees? By telling them what is right & how to do certain work with dedication 10./ What quality should a successful manager possess? Good Communication with colleague & by inspiring the team 11./ What is the most difficult thing about being a manager or executive? none 12./ Describe your management style. 13./ How do you deal with interpersonal problems in your team? 14./ Would you describe a difficult decision you have made. 15./ As a manager have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about it? 16./ Are you a risk taker? Do you easily take risks at work? 17./ Do you consider yourself successful? 18./ How do you keep yourself professionally updated? 19./ What do your co-workers say about you? 20./ When will you be ready to start working?

TCS, Bhel, L&T,

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what is the required force to bend 2.5 MS sheet in 90 degrees and what is the formula to calculate the same?



how to prepare for bhel et interview



difference between performance and efficiency?

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i was been selected in et 2008 exam in mechanical engineering discipline .how to get prepared for interview



i was selected in bhel et exam in mechanical engg discipline .can any one help me how to get prepare for interview



how can we improve the efficiency of marine ship?

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Locate nozzle in a turbocharger


what is an function of air cell bag in air cell conservator


Name of the tables which is going to join two tables in querry ?


how can we find the discharge pressure of the pump with the use of flow and NPSH?


should cutouts made in main header of metal ducting be deducted from duct measurement.


Can anyone tell the exact hot water generator load calculation for central airconditioning. pls mail me at


Wasco Interview 1-the type of transducer that convert mechanical movement into a voltage 2-pump 2500 psi and 100 MG select it 3-modes of heat transfer 4-the difference bet PSIA and PSIG 5-the function of relief valve and no return valve (check valve ) 6-types of bearing general catogires 7-function of bearing 8-compressor surge 9-pump cavitation 10-define critical speed 11-compression ratio decease volumetric ratio ........... 12-using inter-cooling in multi stage compressors to ....... 13-using cascade system in refrigerator function ? 14-define performance and efficiency .


What are the procedures in paralleling D/G?


how to calculate steam velocity on tg i/l ?


Where can you find space heater lam p and what is its purpose?


a rollin mill is spacified by


Why are open the ejector air vents.


how to measure static charge in processing of expandable polystyrene. explain - Units of static charge


what is the three phase induction motor? what is difference between motor used in household instruments and induction motor?


How should I begin a conversation that I need a change in the job to a known person in his organisation?