Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is NPSH of a Centrifugal pump ? How is it varied by the pump manufacturer for a particular model of pump ?

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What is the purpose of using Pro-e, Ansys, AutoCAD...? Before establishing these softwares how the complex jobs were designed manually?

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What is the difference betwn a tube and a pipe .

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why 2 APH used in one boiler

IOCL, Essar, Hetero,

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What is the measuring unit of tensile strength in Gray cast iron ?


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how calculated 3 load upon application? I mins 6308 bearing plz.give me answer

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if dirty fluid is flowing through pipe,how it affects frictional loss?

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What is the meaning of Moving, Non moving and slow moving ites?

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what is the meaning of MIN MAX?


Why required STORE to Factory?

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Describe The Complete actvities of the STORE KEEPER?


Describe How much Record maintain store Keeper and Write use of the Records?


In case of AHU ,how to arrive at chilled water USGPM of the AHU in case the AHU CFM is given. Can some HVAC genius please advise.


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Why required store to Factory?


explain the methods of measuring aproblem of armature reactionof DC machine?


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what is the effect of throttle pressure on turbine efficiency?


HI, I am Darshan S D completed BE in Mechanical & also completed my MBA in Finance & Marketing.Presently i am working in Geodis Global Solutions which gives support to the IBM, as a logistics coordinator. i have a plan to do SAP but confused which Specilisation to do ie whether in Finance or Material management. Also scared whether it is right for me to do that, is that will help me in getting good job. what is the future opportunity and present job position in the market.... pld kindly help me to know...


sir, I am applied RRB chennai,MMV(mechanical),Pls mail 2006,2007 & 2008 years solved question papers.My Mail


how to prepare welding procedure specification and pqr


about induction motor


What type of gear is the first reduction gear pinion?


why constant pressure is consider for thermal diffusivity??


what is the material of radiator sleeves or mesh?


What is the difference between tube and pipe?


Why and what cause of leak fuel oil in high pressure pipe of main engine?


how to size an expansion tank in chiller system ?


can i apply for rrb with my provisional certificate..........


How to calculate the no of straps required to hold a bar bundle which varies in different length? Ex say 6M bar ,weights 1.3 ton with 250 bars in the bundle.


1draw a convergent uniform and divergent circular pipe and draw hydraulic gradient line and total energy line.


Steering handle (round dial) of motor vehicles (CAR,BUS,LORRY) wiil be designing with two cross supports without 180 degree straightness( it will be little bit cross). Why?