Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to design a crankshaft?

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what is the difference between a boiler and a pressure cooker?

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What is difference between Pipe and Tube?

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what is cswip?

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how mechanical engineering is useful for information technology.


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The product of mass and velocity is called as..

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What is the different between critical characteristics & special characteristice?


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how current flow found at one and of generator ,at star neutral point each phase.



What is more sutable study for mechanical engg. Practical or Theoritical

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what is the jacking oil pressure of each bearing of steam turbine?

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Is there any problem occur in steam turbine if generator works as a motor?

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What is method to calculate the noise level at any point of duct if duct dimensions and air flow is known?


what happen if petrol engine run by diesel engine?

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please sir i need a jindal model question paper and syllabus..i am having exam in november pls sir...i have to start preparing...send it to

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every pump has a maximum H & Q. Also has BEP( Best Efficiency Point). But how can we fix a pump for BFP.

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how calculate the bearing number from inner and outer dia of bearing


please send all previous solved question papers on HLL......


Identify the parts of indicator diagram?


Why RPM cum hour meter connection is not possible in water cooled DEA set. Is there any problem in sensing?


how material removal occurs only in workpiece not in tool during an EDM process?


Hi! Greetings of the day. Can somebody tell me about as built duct sheet area calculation method. As we know that for this purpose A = (W+H)*2*L. But I have query about multiplication factors for elbows, tappers, offsets etc if there is any. Also refer the papers if available. Please revert. Thanks in advance.


Is critical speed temperature dependent or speed dependent or both?


How to calculate heat load .For example 10 TR .Then how we will find load (we want rh(relatavie humidity) sir)


Have you been a team leader in your previous or present job and what are the challenges of associated with team leadership?


What causes damage to impellers?


whats the coloring code of a air to open or a air to close valve?


Sir Plz Send me the questions of interview of Mechanical stream for ONGC


i need iocl model aptitude question papers soon as possible .so pls 4wd it to m id


what is cswip?


what is the diffrence betwen primary pumps and secondary pumps in aircoditioning field