Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What should be percentage of silt content in sand?

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what are the checks to be performed while fixing a door and a window site??

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what is the lap length for pile reinforcement cage in water piling

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What is the minimum compressive strength of a brick according to IS codes ?

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what is bolt value?


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why the brick is red in colour?

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what is isoseismal?

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a)tell density of steel , concrete, bricks , sand and aggregates.? b) what is knife test for wooden doors ? c) what is the meaning of term abrasion? what is tested in it? d) why pile foundation is provided in BCS?e) By total station what activities can be performed and on what principle it works? f) what is creep?

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any book or article on pumped concrete.


Water absorption for stone?

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# 1. Size of slit content in sand. # 2. Gravity of sand # 3. Water observation capacity of sand. # 4. minimum crushing Strength of sand.


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# 1. Water observation capacity (MAximum)of Solid bricks # 2. Minimum Crushing Strength of Solid Blocks.


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# 1. size of the Bricks # 2. Minimum Crushing Strength of Bricks


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# 1, What should be the Maximum Water observation of wood # 2. Is Alluminium is an alloy or not


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manhole chamber having height of 2300 mm and thickness of brickwork is 230 mm and dia of opening covering is 560 mm and bottom length vertical is 1500 mm (1:4) brick masonry and plaster 12 mm on both to estimate the no bricks used with mortar cement bags and sand for total chamber including plaster.


what is spacing of wallar support of 3m column. the thickness of column is 0.25 m.


at which depth the construction of tunnel is economical from cost and engineering aspect.


what is the mode of method of face bar measurement


Please tell me vasthu room sizes. Thanks.


I just got a first job in Maharashtra and m a fresher. My task is estimate the cost of excavation of earth with J.C.B. can anyone tell me how to do this??


Please let me know about answer for my Question as "What is the maximum wastage allowable of HYSD Steel in any Bridge project as per Code and Code reference also ?


please send latest placement papers of hpcl officers trainee test. i will be very thankful to you.


Sir, Iam Applied in rrb for the posts of Junior Engineer.I want to know about the or question previews to study well.Pl send it to


how to calculate cost of raw materials of a building for 1000 sqft & also consolidated cost of labour in a 1000 sqft building


How many days should curing of plastering, brick work and concrete


Does VDF add strength to the flooring apart from preventing water ingress?


how many tonnes equals to one cubic feet?


what is the use of water bar in water tank and is this an extra item in estimate?


what is a well