Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the approx construction cost of 1 lac Sq.ft any place city or town?

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what is the length of a steel bar when it buy for the site????

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IN Compression testing machine 1division =10KN ,then what is compressive strength of 100*100 mm cubes at a load of 320 KN

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how to know the one way or two slab

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What is the FE 250 structural steel of 8mm tk plate testing sample intervals with IS code or international code?

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mix design ratio of M30 concrete


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why steel stirrups in column have more spacing at center and less spacing at both ends??

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if size is 235cmsx15cmx100cms so how many cement bags and how many sand bags are used for concrete mix

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What cantilever length can be provided safely for Galleries in a multi storey building?

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How many binding wire is use in arrangement of 25mt steel

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Calculate no of brick req 230cmx115cmx100cm


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Difference b/w tor steel or tmt bar


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Which apparatus done steel (bar) tension test

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I am a new valuaer. I am seeking for instruments which r used to locate the site and from where I got it?


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How to Calculate no.of bricks in


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how many shuttering material required for 1000 sq.m built up area.


What is the cost difference between site mix and ready mix concrete per cubic meter


to draw bm diagrams for portal frames under different loadings//


For Granite Flooring,For Cement Slurry purpose which one is effective of cost control whether OPC or PPC or White cement?


what is that one cub metre plaster in cemant and fine sand


Can anyone suggest how to determine scheduling of reinforcement of floor beams from Staad model,other than clicking each beam respectively 7 noting down the values ?


what are the grades of concrete?where and or what purpose a particular grade is used in a particular structure?


1m square 20mm plastering how much of water need curing work


What is geopolymer based concrete?


If density of cement is 1500 Kg/m3, the how is specific gravity 3.15 ? (Density of water is 1000 Kg/m3)


how do we calculate quantity of cement sand and aggregates in 1m3 of m20 m25 grade concrete?


what quantities of work done in terms of sq.mts/day/ of 8hrs for each varpenter (shuttering) and Steel fitter in terms of Tonnes. For slabs, Columns etc.?


03. a. The water cement ratio for achieving maximum strength of concrete is…… 1 b. Water/ cement is inversely proportional to-------------- 1 c. Increasing the slump decreases the strength: True / false 1


How to measure the requirement of cement n sand for 12mm and 20mm plastering thanks in advance


what do you mean by yeild stress of a material? What will happen when hit is given to cement?