Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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230mm thick brick wall 10rmt length and 4.1 mtr high brick wall. tell quantity of cement,sand,brick required? Also tell me labour required to complete brickwall in 2days

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whike making bbs we deduct 2d for every bend in bar but theoretically we cant subtract 2d for every bend and for every dia of bar , so plz tell me the exact deduction for bends for different dia of bars and for different angles ??

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How to design a beam without any typical(tuff) calculation. Answer Only by using site practical knowledge?

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How many types of grades in concrete mixing

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weight of 1 cft 10mm, 20mm, 40mm aggregate weight of 1cft course sand

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What is the basic difference between QA and QC

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how many bricks consume for one cft with wastage

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I Want To Know Quantity of Cement Conc. & Sand in Column of 9"x9"x10'

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what is the painting co efficient of slope roof tiles?


according to the painting co efficient, we should take the one side of doors (or) windows or both sides?


I want to know the material required per Square foot in rcc roof i.e.Steel ,Cement,

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Floor to floor high of domestic building is 3m design a quarter turn staircase starting assume taken give a suitable diagram of it?


What is anchorage length


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difference between fc and fc'?

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what is yield and tensile strength of steel, if steel has yeilding strength of 60 psi than how much its tensile strength?

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how find the cut length of tringular ring and any formula find out the quantity of circular brick work


What the advantages and disadvantage of using 90mm and 100mm bricks for a wall of a house? Thanks for any input.


Reinforced concrete: suppose you are doing rough estimate for purchase of rebar for reinforced concrete slab for single stores residential building. You know total concrete volume will be 100 m3. How many tons rebar 6, 10 and 12mm will you require for the project?


pls tell estimate for 1 kilometre length random rubble masonry 0.90 metre height 0.600 metre width


i have span of 6m x 4m how do i calculate the reinforcement of steel i needed and to at what distance and also the thickness of slab. looking forward thank you RAVI


Difference between lime, distemper and plastic emulsion?


What is the Systematic Responsibility Site Engineer? Who are the above and under co-oridinating ? What is office & Site co-ordination of Site Engineer?


I have an plot with area 35*47 = 182.77 sq yards. Out of this iam planning to construct house with 1350 sqfeet each floor .iwanted to build a G+2 house.Need cost estimation for each item


Which is the indian standard code of line out. ? How much tolerance fot 1 mt lenght? Its challenge....


what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??


what is column foundation


what are the Task work of different labour.?


How much form and scaffolding per cubic meter volume of concrete class ''A'', ''B'', and ''C''


One plate (women civil worker lifting Plate - Satti) sand measures how many cubic feet?


how to nfind out the specific gravity of sand.aggregate,water please help...