Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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230mm thick brick wall 10rmt length and 4.1 mtr high brick wall. tell quantity of cement,sand,brick required? Also tell me labour required to complete brickwall in 2days

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whike making bbs we deduct 2d for every bend in bar but theoretically we cant subtract 2d for every bend and for every dia of bar , so plz tell me the exact deduction for bends for different dia of bars and for different angles ??

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How to design a beam without any typical(tuff) calculation. Answer Only by using site practical knowledge?

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How many types of grades in concrete mixing

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weight of 1 cft 10mm, 20mm, 40mm aggregate weight of 1cft course sand

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What is the basic difference between QA and QC

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how many bricks consume for one cft with wastage

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I Want To Know Quantity of Cement Conc. & Sand in Column of 9"x9"x10'

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what is the painting co efficient of slope roof tiles?


according to the painting co efficient, we should take the one side of doors (or) windows or both sides?


I want to know the material required per Square foot in rcc roof i.e.Steel ,Cement,

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Floor to floor high of domestic building is 3m design a quarter turn staircase starting assume taken give a suitable diagram of it?


What is anchorage length


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difference between fc and fc'?

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what is yield and tensile strength of steel, if steel has yeilding strength of 60 psi than how much its tensile strength?

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How much material will consume for following specification water tank (9*7.5*6 feet)?


Engineering method, why need is column kiker??? what is necessity??


1) write Short notes about Shellow & Deep well? 2) What is the full form of SPT & SMB? write short notes. 3) write short notes about efficiency of Riveted joint.


How many solid blocks can build one mason per 8 hours?


writte a c prog. to acept 5 no. from consule and then display them back on consulte in ascending order


can i get civil engineering test papers.......?????


where can i get the previous question papers for rrb section enginerr (civil)


Find out Cutting Length of Steel for Right angle Triangle? Where Opposite Side 4m, Adjacent side 6m. (Assume cover 40mm)


percentage of metal,clay or soil & water in water bond macadam roads to know the quantities for each in total volume of 11500 cubic meters


foundation details for 25 ton weight Furnace on 2 supports and 2 tilters


How reactor of SBR installed , is it be over ground, fully under ground or semi sunk ?


roll of DLC in road constructions


What are the alternate material for steel, Sand and aggregate


How to test cement,sand,20mmbluemetal,40mmbluemetal,bricks,concrete by visual and instrument


What should be the maximum allowable time for placing ready mix concrete? The specification requires concrete placement within 90 minutes of batching at the plant. What is the significance of this 90 minutes & should this be used as a rejection criterion? What effects does the concrete has after that time period?