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Guru Nanak Interview Questions
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tell me 2 minutes about mobile phones

10 69117

why we use for testing of compression strength concrete the size of specimen 150x150x150. why we are not using another dimension like 100x150x100 uneven dimension.


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Hi SD Gurus, Have you generated any customized Pricing Reports for your client? If you have done then list out all the customized Pricing Reports for your client? Please do not attach much importance to theory and do concentrate more on Business Scenario where in the client was insisting on customized reports rather than Standard Pricing reports? Give detailed Configuration& Customization Procedure, steps, Path, T-codes (if any), Analysis, logic & finally solution to your Client’s requirement along with detailed explanation? Please give solutions with reference to your real time data examples from your client/ Project? This question related to Pricing is most important as it is being asked more frequently in many Interviews? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards


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Guru Nanak Interview Questions
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