Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much should we assume for the weight of foundation ??


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Ultimate strength to cement is provided by which chemical?

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In the cement the compound quickest to react with water

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what is the composition of good brick ?

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Clay and silt content in a good brick earth must be at least

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The minimum compressive strength of 1st and 2nd class bricks

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if we have water only for hydration of cement,no water is available for curing of concrete.then how we can do curing of concrete

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If do cube Test for 28 Days,when shall can do testing? after completion of 28 days it means 29th day or 28th day which one correct?   

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Rate of plasting per sq.ft...?

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what is mean by k150

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what is the density of the polythene sheet


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Why beam breadth smaller than depth

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how many cubic centimeter in one unit of sand?

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what is the ratio of concrete to steel? what's its value??

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What is a MIS report?


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how to reduce size of column 450 x 750 to 230 x.... if it is cut in area of bathroom? means it appears in bathroon any shifting or any other option....building is g + 10 and the bathroom is at first floor...


what is kribs is supporting?


Use of coping on terrace wall and in 4" wall is compulsory or not ?


for pretensioning which will yield first and same for post tensioning?


What is Curtailing of R/F


Formula for calculation volume of essentric footing


types of laps in column


why is the column design?


please give the detail design for the soring and shuttering for 8.5m deep excavation in the sandy soil for 25x10 rectangular streaches


which red: used in roof teping, then use only cement


I have a slab of 20cm thickness of 20m by 4m in wich we are installing 15 tons electric panels , and we have put 4 H-shaped columns under the slab but we have done many cores in the slab which seems very normal , can you help me by telling me how to calculate the bearing capacity of the slab or give me an idea if i should increase more columns Note: load distribution area 12*1.5 m2


Write short note on construction programme for pile foundation.


what is a well


What is missing report and how to prepare


about higyway engineering