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what is the allowable limit of wastage of cement for RMC at plant operated manualy


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I have to conduct load test on greting cover, pressure gauge is in kg cm2, how to caluculate load on this greting cover.


What is the Laplenth for Reinforcement for Verticl and horizontal Structures as per IS code?

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Pl let me know approx. Rcc construction cost per sq.Foot for Building a house with2800 sqfeet carpet area in pune city


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what is the criteria for placing reinforcement in footing and slabs e.g which span have to place first.

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wht is off shore structure

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i have a interlock pavement work.i need to compact about 2000 sq metres of sub base grade c of thickness 15 cm.what is the amount of water required for compaction ??


6mm dia rod legth 1feet

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what is the weight of 12 mm 40 mm aggregate?


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m25 water cement ratio calculation

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what will be the cement and sand needed for 1sqm plastering ? for ratio 1:6 and 10mm thick


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what is the name of coarse sand which is used in making of concrete


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what is formula for concrete mix ratio in m20, m25 and m30?

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reinforcement slab, beam and column formulas?



what is the weight of one cubic meter M20 concrete ?

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My daily concrete volume of M25 concrete is 1st day= 25 Cum 2nd Day = 45 Cum 3rd Day = 55 Cum 4th Day = 22 Cum 5th Day =72 Cum 7th Day = 49 Cum. What will be acceptance criteria of concrete considering as per is 456 cl.15 and table 11 (cl 16.1 and 16.3).


as per is code, what is the minimum content of opc and ppc cement for rcc structure


how to calculate 1:5:8 ratio concrete cement, sand, metal and water please give me brief calculation


hii.plz send me hpcl placement papers for officers trainees for graduate engg plz my email id is


How can i display 5 asterisk and another 5 asterisk )?


how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap


What are the standard plastic limit/liquid limit/plasticityindex for differrent type of soils?


what is that one cub metre plaster in cemant and fine sand


How we calculate the service time of buildings


types of survey and levelling instrument ?


what is concrete canvas?


1) What is meant by C-soil in geotechnical Engineering? 2) What is Eve board? 3) What will happen when heat is applied to cement? 4) what do you understand by the lateral dimention ?


Can anybody help by describing each and every step in short, used while giving a building layout by total station? Regards


what is the minimum compressive strength of clay brick


what is kribs is supporting?