Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How much material will consume for following specification water tank (9*7.5*6 feet)?


What is the cement and sand consuption of 1:4 block work

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How to calculate per inch area in a circle?(Dia is 2.17m)

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for G+2 residential building how much quantity of required in foundations,sub & superstructures per sq ft area


to minimize budget cost of building , what can i do


what is the creep in concrete


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what is difference between footing and foundation?

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what is development length,where it is used and why it is used?

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where should the lap of a beam should be

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to construct 1450 rft length of 6 feet wall how much cement sand and blocks are required????

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how much cement and sand 1:6 plastering


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How to calculate density(dry & bulk) of sand from Sp. ravity value of sand. eg. G=2.5

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is there any thumb rule for calculating construction cost of the building with pile foundation per sft. area?


suppose we have a tendency to make a hole on the surface of the simple supported beam, than where we goes to make it?


m20 grate concret mix,if sand&agregate take by wights for 1 bag cement so how much any formula?

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if dia of slab beam bar is38mm what its clear cover any method of provide clear cover


What is the basic difference between OPC


how to control PQI (Project Quality Index)


For submitting the project loan for bank Residential bldg,Suppose we take Provinding RCC mix 1:2:4 for footings No of footings,length ,Breadth,Height ,qty in cum, at last unit/Rate(Rs) ,i would like to know how do we get the unit/Rate


How to compute minimum number of columns required for a site from area of site?


I just got a first job in Maharashtra and m a fresher. My task is estimate the cost of excavation of earth with J.C.B. can anyone tell me how to do this??


a solid steel rod length 2m dia and 20mm vertically hangs from celling and has a collar firmly atteched to it. above the collar an annular rubber washer of 40mm th. having stifness k = 5n/mm is placed. determine maximum stress in the rod caused by mass of 5 kg falling through a height of 1.2m.


What are the RISKS during the project construction?


what is the list of building construction equipment & teir output?


Why should you show Client/Engineer activities clearly on the project plan?


where i can get material costs on weekly basis


How to calculate thickness of MAT slab & Reinforcement? The dimention of under ground water reservoir is 80'X14'X 12 ft


how to calculate the size of triangular ring in rcc column?


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Whats be the minimum foundation depth of multistoried building as per height of building in individual footing?