Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How much concrete can be made using one bag of cement?

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limit value of bulking of sand

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what is Fe415 & Fe5oo? also what are types of steel?

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detailed calculation of the amount of cement used?


shape of aggregates used in concrete should be rounded/cubical or elongated/flaky.

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what is P.C.C ?


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what is mean by bPo in construction? pls tell me

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difference between tmt and tor steel


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Formula for Calculating the Quantity of eccentric footing


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bulkege of concrete for design mix concrete for grade m30

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how can i determined the size of burfi ring?

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what is the difference b/w full length and cutting length?

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HDPE pipe standard bends using for TSE irrigation? is it possible to use 30 degree?


Where are laterally loaded piles are used in practice?

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Give me an example of a time when something you tried to accomplish and failed.


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how to calculate reinforcment in staircase cranked beam?


five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process


do we decide reinforcement steel , based on bending moment ? give example with continous slab?


what is the max. area can we apply the plate load test ?


material required for construction of wall (Cement, No of bricks (Brick size 40cm x 20cm x 10cm),sand,Quantity of water


How many Sft of Level Plaster per Kg


4. Differentiate between NC and OC soils. Draw curves for (i) Stress vs Strain (ii) Volume charge vs Strain (iii) Pore pressure vs Strain for these soils


how to calculate spacing rod in column


what is the mix design for M:60 with micro silica andmetakaoline?


what values & beliefs have guided you in your career path


As in practice, we are deducting every 2d for 90 degree bend but from where it comes means derivation or reference of IS Code.


How to calculate the weight of sand am 20mm course aggregate in 1 c.m M25 concrete Which use 400 kg of cement ?


04. a. Slenderness ratio…………… 1 b. If the height of a stage is 15-0 & dia. of the prop is 5, the slenderness ratio is….… 1 c. If the height of a stage is 10-0 & dia of prop is 3, the number of bracing will be…… 1


Does VDF add strength to the flooring apart from preventing water ingress?


If specific gravity of cement is less than 3.15 what is the cause?