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In Stability testing if significant change occur then what is the action plan?

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maxmimum absorbance of uv spectrophotometer


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1.why did you choose this career 2.what is pharmacists ideal job



why you choose pharmacy as a career what is pharmacists ideal job what is your goal in ur profession and how you achieve it

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hi i have done my b pharma and now i am working as a managing director in my own manufacturing unit is there any scope overthere 4 me


Can any deviation be changed into the change control?

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What is the difference between Humidity and Relative Humidity?

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What should be the temperature and humidity for the tablet compression?


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What is the difference of vacuum pressure and vapor pressure?


In Stability testing if significant change occurs then what will be the action plan?


What do you mean by MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature) in stability?

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What are the stability zones and stability conditions?

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What do you mean by Bracketing and Matrixing in stability?


How to select HPLC column for a particular product?


What is the composition of a C18 column?


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hello friends... i got 3 tym rejection in my us student visa interview. every tym vo ask me same questions lyk y ths uni, y ths course n abt my sponsor etc. pls gv me suggestion for th que, y ths uni? as my undergraduate major is pharmacy n i got i 20 frm university of bridgeport for ms in biomedical eng.


how impurity is analyzed in a tablet


why we use PG as a taxonomic marker ?


paper for entrane exam for drug inspector


How we define validity of any Reagent , Indicator and Volumetric Solutions


Can we quantify bound water by KF titrator ?


principle of dissolution


If granules are over lubricated what defect arises in tablet compression how we solve this problem.


why u want to join as a m.r?


define the starting material?


Dear friens,this is sreedhar i am a pharmacy post graduate and having 3 years of experience in pharma industry. I am searching job in USA. through that i want to apply H1,please sugeest me how can i search job or is there any consultancies in india help me to get job?


hai,i had completed my want the coaching centres for drug inspector exam at hyderabad,pls help me nd wen wil b the DI exam conducted in 2012 mostly,pls also forward the model papers.. pls reply me at


what is difference between uniformity of content and content uniformity as official test for tablet


What are the limits for LOD and LOQ?


HI, I srinivas , was shortlisted for interview of Ph.D. PROGRAMMES FOR ACADEMIC SESSION 2012, I have interview on 17-nov-2011. Sir can you tell me about interview, how to prepare for it. How it will be? It's my first interview sir, i don't know how to face it. Kindly help me sir, Thanking yoU,