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Pharmacy Interview Questions
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How to conduct Literature Survey for Generics Development for European Market


Please send me the model papers of Drug Inspector


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why temparature limit is +/-2 degrees and rh +/-5% in stablity


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Why we are disodium tartare for factor of karlficher titration ?

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what is the differece between polarimeter lamp and IR lamp ?


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what is the difference of vaccum pressure and vapour pressure ?

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why pooled sample is required in dissolution test?


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any deviation can be changed into the change control?

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how much newton equal to 1 kg/cm sq

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What are closely monitor parameters in stability study?

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what does in simple words meant by thermodynamically stable means??

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hi, i am Divya from hyderabad, completed masters in pharmacy. i heard about data decoding for pharmacy professionals. so can any one give information on this like which institute offers coating for this in hyderabad and location. plz do reply.........thank you

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What is the formula for KF standardisation?

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Difference Between Purity And Potency?

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Delay in receiving offer letter? Dear All, Recently I clear all technical and HR round with one good MNC. I've submitted my scan document of qualification and work experience. Evenafter 2 weeks of sending documents, they didn't release the offer letter. Please suggest me effective email contents to deal them. Thank You


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What exepients are used in dry powder injections?


How to conduct Literature Survey for Generics Development for European Market


Hi, I am studying Bpharmacy final year. 1)I want to interview questions for facing basic interview.please help me to provide model papers for all pharma companies and give ur valuable suggestions also. 2)Send me important links for BPharmacy interviews. 3)How should i prepare for facing interview,please give me suggestion. My email


How can you fix the known and unknown impurity limit for any drug substance?


hello,am milan mohite,i have completed B.PHARM,in 2008.and now do M.B.A from ignou,and D.P.P.M,from IPER{PUNE},please suggest me best coaching institute in pune for drug inspector,and send me model question paper for prepration of D.I. on my e.mail id - Thanks.


how to calculate the potency of gentamycin sulfate


at what interval Ukrainian audit will come once you register your product??


What is the Disintegration time for Hard gelatin Capsule in USP?


i've completed B.Pharmacy in nov.2009 & now i want to apply for drug inspector,but i don't know about the eligibility ,procedure to apply ,entrance test,interviews,etc. so i want a detailed information about it.please send me the information.thanks


What is the relative response factor in related substances?


what are all the needs or pre-requisites to perform project on bracketing and matrixing of stability products?


What is the difference between Deviation and Out of Specification?


How we fix the validity period of a volumetric solution and re-standardization due date?


i am from orissa .can you please send me the question papers of drug inspector exam of orissa ?my email id is've completed my b.pharma can i apply for d.i exam ?


why u want to join as a m.r?