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why we use sodium salicylate for UV chamber calibration?

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Can you please mail me the latest syllabus of UTTAR PRADESH DRUG INSPECTOR entrance exam and UTTAR PRADESH FOOD INSPECTOR entrance exam with the eligibility criteria for Uttar Pradesh domicile candidates.


post translation modification does not occurs in ... ?


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how many injection of any concentration should be injected to determine the LOD/LOD?

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What is the difference between Blend uniformtiy and content uniformtiy ?

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How to calculate the RRF value in HPLC analysis.


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Why we selecting 900 ml dissolution medium perticular drug as per I.P, USP?

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which std you used for chemical calibration in dissolution?

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For dissolution chemical calibration we use prednisone usp.. What is the lot number of prednisone? Label claim of prednisone ? How many samples in container generally?

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1.Which drugs are suitable for extended-release formulations? 2.Criteria for selection of drugs for sustained release formulation?

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When we change water of Hygrometer?



How Many Tablet Should be taken for Measure Wt. gain before and after coating?

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Why Assay and CU test performed differently?

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Whhat is the justification for stability study in api missed stations through deviations and statistical analysis is required.



what is the calculation for getting the tablet weight and the punch size, Eg..if there is a 8/32 punch then how to measure tablet weight????

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What is validation, validation protocol and validation master plan?


what is limit of cleaning validation


In resolution test of uv calibration ratio of 269nm & 266nm, respectively, using hexane as the reference . the acceptance criteria for the ratio is NLT 1.5 but always found that 1.3 ,why what i can do for the resolving the problem is it necessary to integrate exat at 269nm and 266nm ehat is limit of tollerence


besides Signal & noise ratio how calculating LOD & LOQ?


what is difference between uniformity of content and content uniformity as official test for tablet


how impurity is analyzed in a tablet


Dear friens,this is sreedhar i am a pharmacy post graduate and having 3 years of experience in pharma industry. I am searching job in USA. through that i want to apply H1,please sugeest me how can i search job or is there any consultancies in india help me to get job?


paper for entrane exam for drug inspector


HI, I srinivas , was shortlisted for interview of Ph.D. PROGRAMMES FOR ACADEMIC SESSION 2012, I have interview on 17-nov-2011. Sir can you tell me about interview, how to prepare for it. How it will be? It's my first interview sir, i don't know how to face it. Kindly help me sir, Thanking yoU,


why we use matrixing method in stability study and on what basis time points are selected?


what is antioxidant para meters


What is the Disintegration time for Hard gelatin Capsule in USP?


1.why did you choose this career 2.what is pharmacists ideal job


plz if anyone have a model question papers for exam of drug inspector than plz send me on my E-mail ID


what are the most common infectious diseases a pharmacist sees? Do pharmacists routinly encounter antibiotic resistent in some of the infectious agents that patients have contacted? if so which onces?