Pharmacy Interview Questions
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What is validation, validation protocol and validation master plan?


What is the process validation?

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What is limit of cleaning validation?


What do you mean by MACO?

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What is NOEL?

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What is recovery factor?

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How much the minimum recovery should be in swab sampling?

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What is the acceptance criterion for detergent washing?

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What do you mean by LOD and water content?

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What is the difference between LOD and water content?

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What is the difference between Calibration & Validation?

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What is the difference between Validation & Qualification?

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What is the disintegration time of coated tablets?

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What is the limit for friability of tablets?


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What is disintegration time for dispersible tablets?

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why some samples are taking 500mg for water content and some samples are taken 2g for water content?


can anyone help me by sending me model papers regarding drug inspector exam entrance model papers if yes plz send me to my email if yes,


at what interval Ukrainian audit will come once you register your product??


i've completed B.Pharmacy in nov.2009 & now i want to apply for drug inspector,but i don't know about the eligibility ,procedure to apply ,entrance test,interviews,etc. so i want a detailed information about it.please send me the information.thanks


What is the calibration of HPLC?


how you can fix the known and unknown impurity limit for any drug substance


What is the difference between polarimeter lamp and IR lamp?


Why we use 10 tablets for the analysis of cu test?


why we use matrixing method in stability study and on what basis time points are selected?


If calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meets single stage procedure, how can you precede calibration?


whem will be the exam or interview for the post of Drug inspector is conducted in jammu and kashmir??? the form was filled on starting of 2013.


what is difference between uniformity of content and content uniformity as official test for tablet


Which instrument used fbd fingerbag pore size identify purpose


HI, I srinivas , was shortlisted for interview of Ph.D. PROGRAMMES FOR ACADEMIC SESSION 2012, I have interview on 17-nov-2011. Sir can you tell me about interview, how to prepare for it. How it will be? It's my first interview sir, i don't know how to face it. Kindly help me sir, Thanking yoU,


the international interview procedure for a job.