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Pharmacy Interview Questions
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What is validation, validation protocol and validation master plan?


What is the process validation?

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What is limit of cleaning validation?


What do you mean by MACO?

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What is NOEL?

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What is recovery factor?

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How much the minimum recovery should be in swab sampling?

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What is the acceptance criterion for detergent washing?

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What do you mean by LOD and water content?

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What is the difference between LOD and water content?

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What is the difference between Calibration & Validation?

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What is the difference between Validation & Qualification?

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What is the disintegration time of coated tablets?

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What is the limit for friability of tablets?


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What is disintegration time for dispersible tablets?

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i had completed my degree with 72% but i dont have good score in gre and tofel and i got an admission into a college in usa is trheir will be any problem if i appear for visa regection because of gre and tofel and i am from science background i lost touch in those subjects.


besides Signal & noise ratio how calculating LOD & LOQ?


What do you mean by Bracketing and Matrixing in stability?


paper for entrane exam for drug inspector


i am pursing iam interested in applying for the post of drug inspector piz give me ideas how to pepare and if you have model papers plzzzzzzzzzzz do send me sir my email id is


what is the calculation for getting the tablet weight and the punch size, Eg..if there is a 8/32 punch then how to measure tablet weight????


why we study matrixing in stability system in stability study and on what basis we select time point.


Why should we not dispatch the reprocess material to export?


How can you fix the known and unknown impurity limit for any drug substance?


if one drug is acidic in nature and the other drug is basic in nature, e.g. desloratadine is soluble in acidic environment i.e 0.1N HCL whereas Montelukast Sodium is soluble in basic environment i.e. .2% SLS. How can we choose a common media for there Dissolution?


How would you propose to advertise your drug?


why dissolution multimedia profile of drug is important. what are the specifications for tablets ,capsules,powders etc


hai,i had completed my want the coaching centres for drug inspector exam at hyderabad,pls help me nd wen wil b the DI exam conducted in 2012 mostly,pls also forward the model papers.. pls reply me at


pharmacovigilance opportunities in Hyderabad


If calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meets single stage procedure, how can you precede calibration?