Botany Interview Questions
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In amaranthus which type of fruit is present?

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name the monocot plant in which reticulate venation is seen?

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name the plants which contain sensitive stigmas?

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give two examples of plants in which you can find free central placentation?

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Name the species of cycas present on tirumala hills?

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What is meant by vernalisation?

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which is known as walking fern?


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what is meant by hydroponics?

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who proposed yhe criteria of essntiality?

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in which plant groups vascular tissues developed for the first time?

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what is the difference between chlorosis and necrosis?

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sex organs in bryophyta?

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diff between pepo and pome?

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Topping means?

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Explain the importance of fungi in medicine?


What specific mechanism regulates cyclic vs noncyclic electron transfer during light reactions of photosynthesis?


what is the importance of mistletoe used by pharmaceutical industry?


How to take a poison from oleander?


How can Philodendron plants live with only halogen lighting?


what are the differences between algae and fungi?


what is the type of cotyledon and venation present in the vinca?


What is the advantage, if any, to a germinating seed or seeding in developing a hook? Why is there no heart-shaped stage during embryo development in monocytes? What is the agricultural i mportance of the transgenic rice plant(in 3 paragraphs)


How does the electron transport chain work during the Calvin Cycle?


Is there a link between Chlorophyll A & B and Photosynthesis 1& 2?


write a note on support in plants and answers


TREE RINGS. Do they have any function other than dendochronology?


What is 4-Hydroxy isoleucine?


What is the difference between periderm and bark?


In cleared and stained root material you have seen structures that appear to be empty sacs in the epidermal cells with ostioles that exit to the soil. Which division are these fungi likely to be from?