Botany Interview Questions
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what is Exodermis?

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General Certex?

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What is the sterile part in the sporophyte of a fern?

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Which is the main stage in pteridophytic plants?

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what is pollen prepotency?

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what is the ecological importance of mycophytes?



what is the non-congruent principle?


what order and family does the desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) come from?

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What is the genus and species (binomial nomenclature) for common bread mould? (zygmocyetes)

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what's the difference between leaves that grow in the shade and leaves that grows in part sun?

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Would it be possible to cross-breed two herbs, such as thyme and sage?

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Explain the difference between a carpel and a locule?

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Explain the difference between a carpel and a pistil?

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Explain the difference between an achene and a caryopsis.

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What is the only fruit from which no by-products are obtained?


Walking man eating tree', what is its scientific name?


what is structure of flower of species of Inula genus ?


True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


What type of chemical compounds do plants produce during photosynthesis?


How does stomatal conductance increase in an elevated carbon dioxide environment?


Give classifictrion and description of phytophthora?


What is the use of automatic impedance hematology instrument?


what is the space filled with in between the cell membrane and the cell wall when the cell is plasmolysed ??


Genetic load means ?


You have been provided with a set of plates of fungi isolated from a diseased leaf, one Chytridiomycota, one Zygomycota, one Ascomycota and one Basidiomycota. The signs of infection indicate that the disease has been caused by a member of Ascomycota which does not form a sexual stage easily. What features would you look for in your isolates to indicate if the target fungus was present?


How do large trees, such as redwoods, get water from their roots to the leaves?


what are the advantages and disadvantages of biofertilizers?


How do you isolate the various bioactive ingredients from a plant extract?


Why is the Heliconia Caribaea flower called Prince of Darkness?