Genetics Interview Questions
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what happens in Postmeiotic segregation?

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what is Translation ?

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what is Homosexual Gene?

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how to represent "o" blood group?

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what is a Genetic Disorder ?

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How DNA is being Transplanted?


Does postraumatic stress mutate genes?


name the Best plant to practice breading/genetic study?

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what is Genetic Base for a Species ?

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what is Human gene for height ?

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cancer cells have their dna wound back wards, is that true?


what are the genetical reasons behind obesity?


what is the role of Beta-lactamase in Gene Cloning ?


what happens in Dislexia, genetic or brain damage ?

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what are transpoons?

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Does postraumatic stress mutate genes?


Has vitamin c been produced in a human naturally before?


In hogs a gene that produces a white belt around the animal's body is dominant over its allele for a uniform body. Another independent dominant gene produces fusion of the hoof (syndactyly). Suppose a uniformly colored hog homozygous for syndactyly is mated with a normal footed hog homozygous for the belted character. What would be the phenotype of the F1? If the F1's interbreed, what would be the phenotypic ratio of the F2?


What ethical dilemmas should be considered when genetic engineering is put into practice?


In cats yellow is due to gene B and black to its allele b. These genes are located on the X chromosome (sex-linked). The heterozygous results in calico (tortoise shell). What kinds of offspring (sex & color) are expected from the cross: black male & calico female? Most calico males are sterile, why?


What are the benefits/risks when company traditional and genetically engineered breeding?


Flower position, stem length, and seed shape were three traits that were studied by Mendel. Each is controlled by an independently assorting gene. If a plant that is heterozygous for all three traits was allowed to self- fertilize, what proportion of the offspring would be expected to show all three dominant phenotypes?


how was school like for someone with turner's syndrome?


What are the 8 steps that are involved in genetic engineering?


what is DIY Gene testing ?


what is virgin sex?


what are the genetical reasons behind obesity?


In the definition of mutation we say sudden heritable change i the DNA, so what does sudden means here?


what causes heterosexuality?


Why do we age?