Genetics Interview Questions
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Among the population size of 500, 50 of 150 heterozygous individuals showing polydoctily. Then what is the penetrance of that population

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what are genes


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7) Diabetes is recessive. A) If woman has diabetes and marries a man that doesn’t have it, is it possible for their offspring to acquire this disease? A A Aa Aa Aa Aa a a genotypes Phenotype 100% Aa, Heterozygous 100% No diabetes B) If none of the father’s ancestors had ever had diabetes, would their children have a chage of getting the disease? Explain


What is the function of BCSP31gene of Brucella organism?


In the definition of mutation we say sudden heritable change i the DNA, so what does sudden means here?

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Different between back cross and test cross


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A base deletion occurs in the regulator gene of the LAC operon. Describe how the operation of the LAC operon might be affected?


Does unwinding DNA cause aging?


was math a subject in high school of difficulty for a person diagnosed with turner's syndrome?


Why does RNA have 5 bases and DNA has only 4?


our hair comes from our mother's father.Is it true or not?


How DNA is being Transplanted?


what happens in Postmeiotic segregation?


how was school like for someone with turner's syndrome?


Cystic fibrosis (CF) occurs with a frequency of about 1/2500 Caucasian newborns and is inherited as an autosomal recessive. A woman had an older sister die from complications of this disease. CF is not present among relatives of her husband. Both the woman and her husband have normal phenotypes. What is the chance this couple will have a CF child?


Consider two linked autosomal genes. The dominant allele C of the first gene causes cataracts of the eye, whereas its recessive allele produces normal eyes. The dominant allele P causes polydactyly (an extra finger) whereas its allele (p) produces a normal number of fingers. A man with cataracts and normal fingers marries a woman with polydactyly and normal eyes. Their son has both polydactyly and cataracts and he marries a woman with neither trait. What is the probability that their first child will have cataracts and polydactyly?


What are the down sides of Genetic Engineering?


What are the differences between Genetic Engineering and breeding?


What is the chemical composition of gene?


Does postraumatic stress mutate genes?


In cats yellow is due to gene B and black to its allele b. These genes are located on the X chromosome (sex-linked). The heterozygous results in calico (tortoise shell). What kinds of offspring (sex & color) are expected from the cross: black male & calico female? Most calico males are sterile, why?