Genetics Interview Questions
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Among the population size of 500, 50 of 150 heterozygous individuals showing polydoctily. Then what is the penetrance of that population

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what are genes


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7) Diabetes is recessive. A) If woman has diabetes and marries a man that doesn’t have it, is it possible for their offspring to acquire this disease? A A Aa Aa Aa Aa a a genotypes Phenotype 100% Aa, Heterozygous 100% No diabetes B) If none of the father’s ancestors had ever had diabetes, would their children have a chage of getting the disease? Explain


What is the function of BCSP31gene of Brucella organism?


In the definition of mutation we say sudden heritable change i the DNA, so what does sudden means here?


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cancer cells have their dna wound back wards, is that true?


Explain in terms of gene product function how a mutant allele can be dominant? recessive?


What are the 8 steps that are involved in genetic engineering?


Are there additional resources / individuals that you can recommend for my paper?


What are the dangers of Genetically Engineered foods?


Is There any way in which a currently living could be mutated in reality to such a large scale as to which others could see the mutation, such as a third arm?


what is virgin sex?


What situations might be viewed as ethical uses of human cloning? Are you doubtful, fearful, or hopeful about human cloning?


Has vitamin c been produced in a human naturally before?


Is biotechnology more dangerous to other gene transfer technologies breeding?


what happens in Postmeiotic segregation?


In hogs a gene that produces a white belt around the animal's body is dominant over its allele for a uniform body. Another independent dominant gene produces fusion of the hoof (syndactyly). Suppose a uniformly colored hog homozygous for syndactyly is mated with a normal footed hog homozygous for the belted character. What would be the phenotype of the F1? If the F1's interbreed, what would be the phenotypic ratio of the F2?


Does postraumatic stress mutate genes?


What is the chemical composition of gene?


A number of plant species have a recessive allele for albinism; homozygous albino (white) individuals are unable to synthesize chlorophyll. If a tobacco plant heterozygous for albinism is allowed to self-pollinate and 500 seeds germinate: a)how many offspring will be the same genotype as the parent? b)how many seedlings would you expect to be white?