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Genetics Interview Questions
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What is Heterozygote detection?


A base deletion occurs in the regulator gene of the LAC operon. Describe how the operation of the LAC operon might be affected?


A single base exchange mutation occurs in the promoter of the TRP operon. How the operation of the HIS operon might be affected in two ways?


How the positive and negative DNA markers are used in genetic engineering?


Differentiate between biotechnology and bioengineering?


What are the 8 steps that are involved in genetic engineering?


You want to select a bacterium that has obtained a genetic marker conferring resistance to tetracycline. How would you accomplish this?

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How restriction enzymes,DNA probes are used in genetic engineering?

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What is the difference betwee bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal?

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How many chromosomes would normally be found in a human stomach cell?

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what is the pairing rule for deoxyribonucleic acid?

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If a fly has a diploid number of 12, how many chromosomes would there be in each cell at the end of telophase of mitosis?

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How can all organisms share the same 4 bases DNA and still be so diverse?


what is the connection between a chromatid and a replicated DNA molecule?


Flower position, stem length, and seed shape were three traits that were studied by Mendel. Each is controlled by an independently assorting gene. If a plant that is heterozygous for all three traits was allowed to self- fertilize, what proportion of the offspring would be expected to show all three dominant phenotypes?


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Is Jurassic Park -- Completely impossible?


What ethical dilemmas should be considered when genetic engineering is put into practice?


7) Diabetes is recessive. A) If woman has diabetes and marries a man that doesn’t have it, is it possible for their offspring to acquire this disease? A A Aa Aa Aa Aa a a genotypes Phenotype 100% Aa, Heterozygous 100% No diabetes B) If none of the father’s ancestors had ever had diabetes, would their children have a chage of getting the disease? Explain


what causes heterosexuality?


what is Avian flu threat? what are its symptoms?


Explain steps involved in transcription?


Can you name a few potential risks of Genetic Engineering?


How DNA is being Transplanted?


A number of plant species have a recessive allele for albinism; homozygous albino (white) individuals are unable to synthesize chlorophyll. If a tobacco plant heterozygous for albinism is allowed to self-pollinate and 500 seeds germinate: a)how many offspring will be the same genotype as the parent? b)how many seedlings would you expect to be white?


What are the differences between Genetic Engineering and breeding?


Different between back cross and test cross


bakit magkakaiba ng mukha ang tao


Has vitamin c been produced in a human naturally before?


sir/ma'm im doing my msc in concern that can go for phd in genetics? and how?? plz help me in this..thank you


Are there additional resources / individuals that you can recommend for my paper?