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Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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When it functions as a "second messenger", cAMP a) acts outside the cell to influence cellular processes. b) acts "second in importance" to AMP. c) activates all cytosolic protein kinases. d) activates the cAMP-dependent protein kinase.


The reduction-oxidation (Redox) potentials of NADH and FADH2 show that the following reaction is spontaneous: a) FADH2 + NAD+ --> FAD + NADH b) FADH2 + NADP+ --> FAD + NADPH c) NADH + FAD --> NAD+ + FADH2 d) Reactions a) and b) are both spontaneous

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The ATP synthase of bacteria is an Fl-like particle attached to the a) ends of proto-mitochondria. b) inner surface of the cell (or plasma) membrane. c) outer surface of the cell (or plasma) membrane. d) surface of protonic vesicles.

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The yield of ATP/glucose unit in glycolysis with glycogen as the glucose source is a) 2.0 b) 2.5 c) 3.0 d) 4.0

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What was the primary antibody that was used?

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Describe how you used that antibody to visualize β-gal protein?

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Review your data from the entire module. Say we ask you to redo the purification.Is there any step that you could eliminate? Which one? Why can you eliminate it?

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Why do proteins that recognize specific DNA sequences usually bind in the major groove of DNA?

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An unusual structure is formed at the 5? end of each cellular mRNA. What is it? After this has formed, does the mRNA have a 5? terminus? Explain.

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Splicing of pre-mRNA involves an unusual phosphodiester bond. Why is it unusual? What parts of the intron/exon form this bond?

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Many genes are regulated in both a negative and a positive manner. The genes mediating lactose metabolism in bacteria are a classical example. What are the two small molecule ligands that control expression of these genes? What does each one do?

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Some proteins profoundly alter the structure of DNA when they bind, bending it far out of its standard B configuration. Where do you think the energy comes from to distort the DNA?

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Is there a biochemical test for maltose?

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When starch reacts with iodine, why does it create the characteristic blue-black colour?

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Explain about RESPIRATION ?

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Explain activation energy?


Give the formula for baking soda.


What are respectively some remarkable functions of insulin?


What are the favourable conditions for formation of cat ions?


I have given the protocol for the cyclodextrin glygosyl transferase assay: One ml of appropriately diluted enzyme sample was incubated at 60 °C for 15 min with 5 ml of 1% (w/v) gelatinized soluble starch in 50 mM, 7.0-pH Tris–HCl buffer. Reaction was terminated by boiling the reaction mixture for 3 min and reaction volume was made to 10 ml with distilled water. Two ml of above reaction mixture was withdrawn and mixed with 3 ml of Tris–HCl buffer, 5 ml of 125 mM Na2CO3, and 0.5 ml of phenolphthalein (25 mg phenolphthalein/100 ml absolute alcohol). Absorbance was measured at 550 nm. The percent decrease of sample was calculated with respect to control containing 5 ml of buffer, 5 ml of sodium carbonate and 0.5 ml of phenolphthalein. where Acontrol = absorbance of control and Atest = absorbance of sample. The amount of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) produced was estimated from the standard graph of 0–500 μg/ml β-CD concentration against % decrease in absorbance. One unit of CGTase was defined as the amount of enzyme required to produce 1 μm of β-CD/min. Please can you suggest me the formula for the defination given in the last line


To what organic group do pentoses belong?


What is Sublimation energy?


What are similarities and differences between the transcription process and the replication processes?


Explain entropy?


All technical,written test questions


Define Hybridization?


Explain how can you determine the reaction, taking place at constant pressure delta (h)?


What are respectively some remarkable functions of myosin?


Give the example for electrophilic substitution reaction?


What are the balanced chemical equations of breathing?