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Volkswagen Interview Questions
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What are different MRP types?

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What is a Sort key? What r the different tpes of Sort Keys u have in SAP(FICO)

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meaning of accounts payable

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how air conditioning system works in car?

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what is the work of trip circuit supervision relay?

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what is preventive maintenance? and what is predictive maintenance? and what diffrence both?

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What are your Future Plans for company

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I am a diploma Automobile Engineer working in Volkswagen for 4 years . I wish to apply for Australian PR however SOL of austria does not include automobile ngineering is there any other way i can choose to apply for the same. Please help..


How can i learn to programme every VFD. Or is there any typical study to understand VFD programming.

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Tha redius gauge is also know as

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Volkswagen Interview Questions
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