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Accounting General Interview Questions
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i have query on bank reco. pls suggest me on my following question my bank bal as on 31.3.09 was rs 700000 but after reconsilation it was 100000 because there was two three cheque was ulcleard. which bal should i take in new FY & how i show into account

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'Talk me through an example of how you have used data to improve your teams productivity.'


how much the minimum basic salary to calculate p.f.

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Can we pay bonus to employees out of Reserves?


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what is journal entry for outstanding bills payables?

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1.Which type of records maintaing for Hotels and provision Stores. Which type of returns we are going to file. tell me whos know brefiely,,


What is Contribution?

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please explain briefly about account receivables and payables

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what is the book keeping?

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how to prepare bank reconcilliation and send with formate

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what is fictitious asset

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what is difference between bill and invoice

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goods lost by fire rs10000 & insurance claim received for the same rs8000.what are the effect of this entry in final accounts?

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hi to all this is sai i attend interview for genpact last week he asked me about BRS :if ur MD issued a cheque for his own insurance premium what u will do? this is the question plz give answer for this

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What is Current Assets minus current Liabilities?

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I m entering much more than 500-700 sales vouchers per month. But I m getting a problem while entering sale voucher is that If I have entered a sale voucher in the middle of a date then the voucher no is being changed. So how can enter a sale voucher in the middle of a date so that i can adjust the voucher nos from changing.


how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement


What is the marginal cost formula?


how to prost entry for purchases with a bill


What is accounting ethics?


What is accounting for plant assets?


in our co we are sales of good to branch in order sales+fright, branch made jv entry in own book as full amount debit and credit. now our book show sales without freight but branch shows including freight that why differences is arise due to wrong entry passes pls clarify this entry and this entry is done last year book now balance is finalize.


What are mis reports?


Explain me by saying, perpetual or periodic inventory system; what do we mean?


What was your most complicated sales cycle in past positions?


Revenue Expenditure


adjustment entry showing in tally such as outstanding salary prepaid salary etc.


what is the nature of profit and loss approprition account.which entity prepare this.


Can we Put "TAX INVOICE" in the sale in Transit (E1) Invoice.


What are source documents in accounting?