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what is fictitious asset

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what is fictitious asset..

Answer / rakesh kumar prasad

fictitious assets are those assets those do not have
physical form or existence and they can not be touch or
feel. These are not the real assets. These are the items of
such expenses and losses which have not been written off in only includes the assets having the nature of
deffered revenue expenditures viz, deffered advertisement
expenses, discount on issue of shares or debentures. These
are the assets out of which benefit or profit for more than
one accounting year is available.

preliminary expenses,
under writing commission,
discount on issue of shares or debentures etc

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what is fictitious asset..

Answer / suravi

Fictitious. Asset is a asset which is intangible such that which cannot be touched but it has a value ...for.e.g patents, trademarks, goodwill

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what is fictitious asset..

Answer / yogesh

fictious assets are those who are not visible like company
goodwill, patenet etc.

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