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Accounting General Interview Questions
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In sales entry, for sales tax what rule apples (real, nominal)


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Computer value 5000 Deprecation 3000 Book vale 2000 Sold for 2000 Pass entry?


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In what circumstance month end liability wil increase ?


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what is accrued expense

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Outstanding rent


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Sales A/C belongs to which account type?

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Why you join CA Profession?

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a proprieter company purchase a software what is the journal entry in tally ?

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what do mean by reserve and provision both are same or not?

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entry for outstanding expenses

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Any income which is earned in the financial year(2009-10) but received in the assessment year(2010-11) wil be taxable or not?

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Any income which is earned in the current financial year (2009-10) but received in the assessment year(2010-11) wil be taxable in the current financial year or not?

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what is amortization?


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what is journal entries

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What are the methods used in different industries for labor and non-labor costs in Projects.

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting General }

i have pay to 250000 excise duty so i ask to all how can maintain entry in tally ?


what are the main important accounting entries for AP and AR ...


how to record the full and final settlement of employee (salary payable,other payable,,....) when he leaves the company ? or how to pass the entry for that ?


How P/E ratio usefull to the different people?


Sir i want to ask that if the salary above 6500/- than also pf deduct.


how can we get a leaverage in intraday market if are not a professional acount holder?


What are the important things to be remembered while preparing a bank reconciliation statement?


What does the investment of personal assets by the owner will do?


What is mutual fund sub accounting?


please advice example of any single journal entry which include all 3 accounts i.e personal, real & Nominal a/c.


Why Company maintain's books of account?


how to reduce the interesting giving to debts ?


how to finalised the Balance sheet & profit & loss A/C


In india i did MA BE.d but now i am applying for student visa in australia in masters of professional accounting will i face any problem in interview call that why u change ur course how i ill support my answer


How to treat company managers personal expenses met by company if he is not taking salary from company and in future salary will be payable after deducting all personal expenses (salary amt will be decided only at paying year). pass journal entries