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Accounting General Interview Questions
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parent company loss deduct from subsidiary company proft

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why we used D1, C4 & C form ? pl. ans me in detail.

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Why we do Inter company reconciliation


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If A invested Rs.50000/- in F.D. & After maturity he got 56500/-. He added more Rs.43500/- in it & make F.D. for Rs.100000/- how i pass this entry. still bank has not credited 56500/- to A`s Account. please answer me

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If any company paid taxi fare to staff for special work how can i post it in tally example if Ram get 500 for taxi fare to return home late night due to official work.

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could you please tell me what CRR & SLR?


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Vendor A/c Dr To Purchases A/c Cr In an entry what "TO"(Near Purchase) means or stands for or used for or from which accounting angle we have to use.

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how to prepare for accontant examinations


what kind of items are posted in the income statement?

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How to charged TDS on salary and How many charged percentage?

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I want to know the Payroll Accounting Questions

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vat comes in what type of head in golden rules procedure

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What's the accounting entry when an Invoice is created in AR?


What are the functions of a General Ledger? What accounts are usually maintained in it and from what subsidiary books are they derived?


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Withdrawn ₹ 10000 for personal use. [journlise it]

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Wo kya cheez hai jo sal me 1bar mahine me 2 bar aur hafte me 4 bar aur din me 6 bar ata hai?


In which condition a vendor raise excise invoice & what are the effect of excise invoice on client ?


Is it possible to change the accounting period under Indian GAAP from 1/Apr-31March to 1/January-31/December? There is any restriction in doing that, i mean for example for fisal purposes? Thank you all!


My company was granted a bank facility of 750,000 for guarantee, performance bond, advance payment, retention guarantee and 100,000 bank overdraft. These facility amount was never added to the company account. a. What is the entry? b. Lien over fixed deposit for 50,000 to be brought upfront c. Lien over gradual buildup for fixed deposit 50,000 by transferring 10,000 monthly from customer's account to separate call account. d. After a month, we had an overdraft of 22,000. What will be my entry? e. After 3 months, we have a construction project and was asked for advance payment of 24,000 with a 25% margin? f. Another company asked for performance bond of 44,200 with 25% margin.


What do you find most satisfying about this job?


Define and distinguish between flexible and floating exchange rate system. What kind of exchange rate system does china have?


What is peach tree accounting?


The Horse bought rs. 2000 on Jan.20th died, its carcase was sold for rs.50 loss rs. 1950 what is journal enty


what is subscription order


how many view the tally backup erp9 after the tally backup in tally


Describe a time when you have not met your goal?


What was the most difficult deal you had to close?


What do you think is a bank reconciliation statement?


What is the difference between General Ledger and Ledger?


What is the difference between provision and reverse?