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General Physics Interview Questions
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Why is diamond cut to make if brilliant ?

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Why ate the mirage effects produced over hot deserts ?

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Why is the apparent altitude of a star increased by reflection in atmosphere ?

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Why objects having inverted in the air ate seen in very cold regions ?

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At what temperature does the filament of electric bulb glows ?

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How is A.C. converted into D.C ?

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How will it be possible to kindle fire, if we had no matches ?

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How can it be proved that the window glass id colored ?

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When the seas freeze in-winter, the fish never die why?

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How does barometer forecast the weather ?

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How can the presence of an element in a distant star detected ?

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How does the electricity travel ?

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What is the normal temperature of the human body ?

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What is the normal pulse beat of a human body?

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What is horse-power ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

State 'law of machines'?


What formula is most appropriate to compute the kinetic energy of a block of ice sliding down an inclined plane?


What is the name for the physical constant with a value of 6.62 x 10-27 erg seconds?


One man driving his car over dark night on hard concrete stone road in a forest. His bad faith that his car pings with long ore needles of concrete henceforth his all 4 tyres got punctured. How he might have tackled his problem? please guess answers & post


Explain the difference between photodiode & photocell?


Is negative mass antimatter?


Explain the difference between collector & emitter of transistor, even though material used for both same?


Up to how much weight can be rounded off while weighing a bakery item in a bakery?


What is the cause of brownian motion?


I just want to convert the voltage into current i.e. suppose I have 750V & 1A AC power then I want to convert it into 12V & 62A DC power only difficulty is that I don't want to use the tranceformer. Simply to say, I want to make the step-down without using tranceformer. Please, give me some ideas. And also I want the relation between Magnetic Induction & Weight of the body can be levitated. Or I can say, how much of magnetic induction requires to lift 500gms weight? I am heartily thankful to you.


What is the difficulty in making fusion based nuclear reactors?


we know when two atom combine,the electrions are in valance band,but in case of semiconductor doner or acceptor level are above of v.. whyb


What is astrophysics?


The light in vehicle become dim when it is starting,why?


What is meant by normal modes?