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General Physics Interview Questions
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Why is a man hit harder, when he falls on a paccafloor than when he falls on sand from the same height ?

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Why are the passengers in a boat not allowed to stand up?


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Why us steel more elastic than rubber ?

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Why a pen used for writing with ink is always split as its pointed end?

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Why the height of the mercury column is affected by the change in temperature ?

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Why us the height of mercury column unaffected by the difference in the value of gravity at the same place?

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Why is the height of mercury column affected by a tube having a very narrow bore ?

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Why dies a small quantity of air introduced into the top of the barometer tube depress the level of mercury ?

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Why ate some clocks slow in summer and fast in winter ?

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Why are glaciers formed ?

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Why is a ship loaded with a ballast(bottom load) ?

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Why does water boil at 100oC ?

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Why the objects which ate perfect reflectors or transparent, not so easily visible ?

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Why does the reflection of objects seen on a cheap looking glass give distorted images ?

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Why is diamond so bright ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

Why is mercury used in thermometers rather than water?


Explain what is cardiac output?


What is meant by common potential?


sound frequencies below 16 hertz are usually referred to by scientists as:


Does water drain counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere?


explain principle of potentiometer


What is the advantage of fixed pulley?


What is ntu in thermodynamics?


What are isotopes?


Can i work 240 volt 1400 watts 1 ton ac with 24 volt battery..! How..?


Explain planck’s hypothesis or what the postulates of planck’s quantum theory? (Or) what are the assumptions of quantum theory of black body radiation? : quantum physics


Explain what is h1n1?


Does weight affect how far you jump?


What is the loudness?


Explain what is relation between magnetic and electricity and why?