QTP Interview Questions
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How to make an Action as reusable?

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How to parameterize in QTP?

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How to add Dynamic Objects to Object repository?

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How many types of Recordings are there in QTP and what are they?

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What is Virtual object wizard in QTP?

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How u perform Batch Program in QTP?

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Use of Debug Viewer?

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How to connect to data base?

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What is output value?

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Tell me the situations where we will use Data Driven?

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Explain about reusable actions?


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difference Between Call Run action and copy of action?


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What are the enhancements u did after recording ur script?

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How you handles Pop-up windows which are Dynamically changing in Runtime?

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What is the current version of QTP?

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What is the XML file architecture ?


desribe a situation where u faced a stressful situation and how did u cope with it


Does QTP10 supports Windows 7OS +IE 9 combination? Which is the preffered combination ,Plz let me know?


can i change the runtime properties of an object ? How can i check if a parameter exists in database ?


Do you know SQL? I know SQL but i don't have any experience...that's it..No more questions ...simply he said " you can leave for the day" ...guys prepare SQL Quires before attending interview in bank of america...


Hi, Hope you viewers are doing fine with good health. What are the steps and connection parameters to connect to Oracle db ? Can you connect with just the Oracle client or Oracle XE ? Cheers!!


Your roles and responsibilities and daily tasks? (As automation tester)


when u script reveiwing in which area u more concentrates?


if numbers are always changing write a script for that


What is the difference between Keyword Driven test and Data Driven test?


How the smart identification is used in real time?Please explain with an example


what is the difference between development and testing


Could any one tell me "How can i recognize my cursor position using QTP 9.2" Give me a scripts for this


I have two For loop, first For loop does is creates a customer and input the customer info and then the second for loop within the first for loop does the follows which is capture the customer name and verify the with the data within the datatable. The problem I am coming across is that when it goes through the second time creating another customer and then verify the second customer then it creates the following during runtime. I want is to have the customer2 below Customer1 under the Customer_from_Apps. Any help will be greatly appreciate it. Customer Customer_from_Apps Customer_from_Apps1 Customer1 Customer 1 Customer2 Customer2 Window("Customer Desktop").Window("Customer Tracking (Privacy").WinObject("TreeView20WndClass").Click 92,244 runtimevalue = .VbTreeView("vbname:=AppServerTree").GetROProperty("Selectio n") Customer_Val= Datatable.GlobalSheet.AddParameter ("Customer_from_Apps",runtimevalue) row=datatable.getsheet("Global").GetRowCount For x=1 to row datatable.SetCurrentRow(x) Data_Val=Datatable.Value("Customer",dtGlobalSheet) If (trim(Customer_Val)=trim(Data_Val)) Then Reporter.ReportEvent micPass, "Customer validation successful", "Actual Value: " &Data_Val&vbcrlf& "Customer Value: " &Customer_Val else Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, "Cusotmer validation unsuccessful", "Actual Value: " &Data_Val&vbcrlf& "Customer Value: " &Customer_Val End If Next


I want to write some certification courses, so friends could you guide me? which certification is best and how to write exam and what tutorials need to be studied,what to do first, I am working on automation tool QTP 9.2